I.O. Inc. Valkyrie | SHOT 2017

IO Inc Valkyrie

I.O. Inc. showed off a new compact revolver at the SHOT Show. Called the Valkyrie, this lightweight handgun is chambered in .22 LR and is roughly the same size as some of the popular North American Arms revolvers.

I spoke with an I.O. Inc representative who went over the features of the new gun with me. He was careful to point out that the samples on hand were rapid prototypes made with titanium, and not the finished product.

IO Inc Valkyrie

The Valkyrie is a five shot, single action revolver. It requires the hammer to be drawn back prior to it firing. It does have a half cock position.

As you might expect, the sights are tiny and no likely to be used in a self-defense encounter. Likewise, the grip is fairly small.

IO Inc Valkyrie

Unlike some small revolvers, this one includes an ejection system similar to that of a double action revolver. Pulling the ejector rod forward (toward the muzzle) unlocks the cylinder, allowing it to swing out from the frame. Then, pushing down on the ejector rod pushes out all of the cartridge cases via an ejector star.

The company representative i spoke with anticipates the revolvers will begin shipping in March of 2017. The suggested retail price of this gun will be $259.95.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Johanne Johanne

    Pretty cool. Good MSRP and I like the ejection system. Unloading the NAA guns is kind of a pain in the ass.

    • Jack Morris

      NAA recently started offering models with a cylinder that opens to the side and ejects all the spent brass in one push. Check out the “Sidewinder.” I would trust them over I.O.

      • PersonCommenting

        Sidewinder is pretty pricey though but If I were in the market for one NAA is proven and I trust the price is worth it.

      • Beardedrambler

        The sidewinder doesn’t have an ejector but it does open up. But you still have to poke out the spent cases. Or pick them out with a pocket knife.

        • Vizzini

          If you need more than the five shots from a fully-loaded NAA revolver, you simply brought the wrong gun, sidewinder or no.

          I like my little NAA .22 magnum, but any time I’m carrying it, I’m always thinking “sure hope I don’t have to use this.” I don’t carry it much. Even a Kel-Tec P32 is far more capable and tiny enough to conceal even in pretty small pockets.

          • the naa is meant to be a backup or backup to your backup. trust me having five more shots can be quite comforting when you are waiting for the police to arrive after being involved in a self defense situation.

        • steve

          I’ve got 3 sidewinders, 3diff. barrel lengths all have an ejector system just like the big boys.

        • Paul White

          On a related note: why don’t more people make full size DA 22 revolvers? Smith is *really* proud of theirs, the only other ones I know are a handful of the Ruger SP101s but those’re still 600ish. I wish they’d make an LCR style with a 4″ barrel in hte low to mid 400s

          • Vizzini

            I believe Taurus makes some. I have an 8-round Taurus .22 Magnum DA/SA revolver with a 4″ barrel and I think the same thing is available in .22 LR.

            The DA trigger pull is heavy. The SA trigger isn’t the lightest ever, but it’s pretty crisp.

  • yodamiles

    I.O. Inc…….oh dear…..

    I like to give firearm company a chance (maybe I’m just a Keltec fanboy) but I.O. Inc is beyond help.

    • PersonCommenting

      What is wrong with them. I had one of their AKs a while back. It worked for the two years that I had it. I sold it when I found an Arsenal for a good deal and didnt really need to AKs.

      • Ed

        Cast bolts in the AKs, and it looks to me that these are cast frames as well…titanium my ass. An original idea would be great. First they rip off Kel-Tec/Ruger with their Hellcat p.o.s. now they’re ripping off NAA yet they want the same money for their new pos. They suck.

        • m-dasher

          …..did you miss the portion where it said it was a 3D printed prototype……

          3D printed metals look a lot like castings.

          im guessing the production guns are going to be actual machined steel

        • Kefefs

          The MSRP on this is about $100 cheaper than an NAA Sidewinder.

  • JT303

    While there are far more suitable guns for CC and especially home defence, the first rule of surviving a gunfight is ‘bring a gun’. If this was all the gun I had, you could bet your ass I wouldn’t be leaving it at home.

    • the NAA ones are often carried as a backup and for their small size they can be incredibly accurate at a decent range.

      • BearSlayer338

        Heck with how small those NAA’s are you could easily carry a whole bunch of them.

      • JT303

        The NAA et al. might not be optimal, but they’re guns. I’ve heard plenty of stories where people have used these guns in deadly situations and have been able to walk away as a result. They occupy a certain niche, for sure.

        • they can certaintly be missed on a frisk or hidden in nature’s pocket. women can hide them in a certain place as well.

  • int19h

    Given the penchant of IO Inc guns to blow up, a revolver that small is the last thing I’d want to buy from them.

  • Wang Chung Tonight

    So the 3D printed aluminum ones have a MSRP $39.99 what a price difference.

    • Shankbone

      Wait, what? Where do I send my money?

  • Hoplopfheil

    This is going to go GREAT with my new Taurus Spectrum!

    • BearSlayer338

      Oh damn, are they selling those now?

      • Hoplopfheil

        Probably not yet. But I’m going to be first in line!

        (I’m only half kidding… the dark gray and orange one looks amazing)

        • BearSlayer338

          I really want one of those too, I really like the Sci-fi look those spectrum pistols have especially for the price. I am not sure which color I would get though.

  • Joey Jo-Jo

    This would be a great first gun for someone you HATE, like a fat, ugly, loud, ex-wife. Eventually that’ll carry it in a less-than-legal manner, then simply report it to the police.

    A ‘firearm’ is a ‘firearm’ is a ‘firearm’.

    “B-b-b-but it’s just a 22lr, officer……”

  • GomeznSA

    I’ll withhold judgment until the production model comes out. Regardless, the wide hammer and the swing out cylinder (if you need quick reloads in what is essentially a belly gun you are in too deep anyway) are both good ideas. We will see in a couple of months.

    • Cymond

      I don’t think it’s meant for fast reloads in the middle of a gunfight, I think it’s for easy reloads during practice at the range.

      Some people have argued that the NAA removable cylinders are inherently dangerous because a round could discharge if the loaded cylinder is dropped accidentally.

      If nothing else, reloading a removable cylinder is tedious.

      • that isn’t the problem with the removable cylinders. it is when you make it ready for carry if you are not careful you can put the hammer down on the round rather then the slot the hammer is meant to go into. loaded cylinders will not fire if the gun is dropped unless the hammer is pulled back enough to move the cylinder to the firing postion and then the hammer snaps forward. which is possible but it would take falling the right way with the right amount of force.

        • RocketScientist

          I believe the dear was that one might remove the cylinder fully (separate it form the gun), load it with ammo, and before re-attaching it to the gun, drop just the loaded cylinder (not the gun with the loaded cylinder installed). The weight combined with a fall from a suitable height and an unlucky landing geometry could create enough force in the right spot to ignite a primer, firing the projo wherever the cylinder happened to be aiming. I do not believe the concern Cymond was addressing was that the loaded NAA itself (with the cylinder re-installed fully) is not drop-safe, as by all accounts it is.

          • that would be a danger if it was a pinfire setup not a rimfire setup. pinfire carts were notorious for going off if dropped and the pin landed on the ground with force. rimfire is not going to be set off that way.

            for what you describe to happen to make a rimfire happen would happened with any loaded cylinder of any revolver out there. thing is it doesn’t happen. the danger of naa mini revolvers is when you attempt to make them ready to carry and drop the hammer on a firing space rather then the safety notch.

          • RocketScientist

            Ok, honestly can’t tell if you’re being intentionally obtuse, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and try one more time.

            1) ” the danger of naa mini revolvers is when you attempt to make them ready to carry and drop the hammer on a firing space rather then the safety notch.”

            I am not arguing that this is not ALSO a safety concern. I am talking about a different topic altogether.

            2)”rimfire is not going to be set off that way.”

            There is no way you can say that. If a removed cylinder that was loaded with ammo fell, striking a hard surface, landing on the rear of cylinder (hence impacting on the rear face of the loaded cartridges, which protrude proud of the rear face of the cylinder itself), it is ENTIRELY possibly one could land with enough force concentrated on the rim of one of the cartridges to set off the primer. Those odds increase dramatically if the hard surface has any protrusions that could act to concentrate the force of impact (protrusions such as a small pebble, rough texture, lip on a tile or steel floor, etc) much like a firing pin would.

            3)”for what you describe to happen to make a rimfire happen would happened with any loaded cylinder of any revolver out there.”

            This makes no sense. The situation I, and Cymond, are discussing, can only apply to other revolvers WHERE THE ENTIRE CYLINDER IS COMPLETELY SEPARATED FROM THE GUN DURING RELOADING. On the vast majority of revolvers, the cylinder is either fixed (ie SAA/peacemaker style with a loading gate), swings out on a crane and remains attached to the gun, or uses a top-break action to expose the rear of the cylinder. In these configurations, it is not possible to drop just the loaded cylinder, without the rest of the gun attached, and in these cases, there are significant portions of the gun which extend further to the rear than the back of the exposed cartridges/cylinder. As such it is VERY unlikely (although still within the realm of possibility) that dropping the firearm would result in the landing surface impacting anywhere on the rear of the cylinder/cartridges.

          • Cymond

            That’s exactly what I was referring to. Yes, it could happen with other revolvers … if other revolvers had some reason to mess around with loaded, detached cylinders.

            Having a swing out cycling negates that issue.

            On a side note, I think NAA should offer the MiniMaster with the Sidewinder cylinder.

  • Guido FL

    ” Rapid prototype made of titanium ” ……….. REALLY ? As a life long Tool & Die maker I can tell you that titanium is the last metal to use in prototype anything ! Machining this material is very time and cost consuming ! So WTF is going on here ?

    IO products are synonymous with junk , ask anyone !

    • Edeco

      I was thinking that meant 3D printed, which jives with the satin sand-cast crap-metal floor-drain looking surface.

      I hope this works out, if cheaper, better alternative to NAA Sidewinder, but I’m far from sold, gotta show me more.

    • m-dasher

      ….as a life long tool and die maker…..have you never heard of 3D printing?

    • Jr Dirty

      It’s not machined. It’s ‘3d printed’; DMLS for titanium is a common prototyping material, and is often used on production components that can’t be traditionally machined.

  • Julius Estares

    can it handle the CCI Stinger ammo’s ???

  • rambo jones

    I’ll stick with my NAA revolvers. Have never had any issues with them and they are great pocket guns.

    • just make sure to make sure you keep in mind how to load them to be carried. some people have wounded themselves or shot something in their residence because they didn’t take the gun outside and point it at the ground when prepping it for carry.

  • 22winmag

    TSA will own a basket of these firearms by the end of the year.

  • Stephen Paraski

    How about some better trunnions for the AK models? And a better “Copy” of Polish bolt carrier too.

  • Wang Chung Tonight