New Arex Zero 1 Suppressor Ready and Compact Models | TFBTV | SHOT 2017

The Arex Rex Zero 1 took the market by storm when it was introduced and has dominated several tests as well as recieved glowing reviews from everyone that has been able to review one. This year at SHOT two new models were introduced to fill customer requests. The new compact model is about the same size as most compact sized pistols on the market and the suppressor ready model features a red dot mount and adaptor plates, suppressor height sights, and a threaded barrel as standard. All models will be offered in black as well as FDE.

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  • JSmath

    Patrick, huge thank you for posting synopsis info in your article posts.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Seems very well thought out. With the HPA looking possible I’m trying to get a factory threaded barrel on most of my new gun purchases. I’m also really like slide mounted optics so that doesn’t hurt either.

  • James Young

    Ah good, I was wondering if we were going to see the Arex. Looks great at a great price

  • Nick Grahm

    Patrick, is the compact smaller than the P229 (Yes, I said the name)? It looks shorter. If so, that would be gold.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      It appears to be smaller.

  • Emperius

    Are these Sig mods? Why do they look alike?