Beretta Px4 Storm HULKED OUT | SHOT 2017

Beretta presented Lou Ferrigno, aka “The Hulk” with a one-of-a-kind Px4 Storm pistol at the 2017 SHOT Show. The frame of the gun is of course Hulk green, the slide is branded with faux cracking and the whole pistol comes complete in an ammo can that appears to have been punched by the big man himself.

I really like unique sets like this, but I can’t remember the Hulk ever using a handgun. Of course, I come from a generation where the Hulk was smashing Ford Pintos and wasn’t just a CGI rendering, so maybe I’m missing something from the recent movies. Even so, you’d think Beretta could have at least given him an extended magazine and an expanded trigger guard. Our big green friend is going to have a hard time palming that tiny gun.

The autographed ammo can is a really nice touch.

No signs of Beretta offering up this Px4 as a limited production run. I’m guessing this one-off will remain in a glass display case inside Ferrigno’s home. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get angry and starts smashing away.

Beretta “Hulk” Px4 Storm:



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  • Nicks87

    I know it looks cheesy but picture this pistol with a grey frame and no Hulk logo. I think that would be a pretty sharp looking gun.

    • Anon. E Maus

      That’s pretty much Beretta’s new compact PX4 Storm pistol, they’re launching it now.

  • Lou

    Lou Ferrigno is a big gun collector and attends SHOT Show almost every year – I saw him there three times and once in the Beretta booth in 2012.

    Beretta can’t do a run of these guns because liberal Marvel Comics would never license the name.

    • Amplified Heat

      Cool; not nearly enough cool gun-enthusiast notables out there. I’d heard Ferrigno was a friendly guy, did not know he was into firearms. I can’t think of a witty/humorous idea for a Ferrigno PSA about the importance of hearing protection & silencers, though I’m sure it could be pretty awesome. “You wouldn’t like me noisy” perhaps?

    • retrocon

      Unfortunately, Mark Ruffalo plays Hulk now, and you can’t get further left than he…

  • Gus Butts

    Reminds me of those disgusting neon-green zombie things and radioactive symbols that companies used to slap on their firearms and sell them for more moneys. God, I’m so glad that stupid fad completely died.

    • USMC03Vet

      I bet a Yankee Marshal just bought a dozen.

    • manan

      Yes they used the wrong the green. The Hulk is a darker green not gay flouro green. Stupid oversight. A OD green like in the original steyr aug would have looked better. You’d think italians would notice things like this. Still a nice sentiment though.

  • StraightshooterJeff

    Bloody stupid idea making REAL guns look like TOY guns.

    • RavishedBoy

      Evidently this is a (real) gun not suitable for people who can’t tell the difference from a toy one.

    • Malthrak

      While ordinarily most people would agree, this is not a production gun, it’s a wall-hanger custom made for one person that may very well never be fired and almost certainly not carried, and the universal indicator for toy guns is an orange muzzle tip which this firearm does not have, it’s just brightly colored.

      • Lowe0

        This. Not being a production gun really is the difference in cases like this.

    • Dan

      I had black toy guns as a kid. I still see black toy guns sold in stores. If your kid mistakes this for a toy gun then the fault is in the parenting not the people who made this gun.

  • ozzallos .

    Hulk pistol. In 9mm.

    That’s kinda sad when you think about it.

    • MarcoPolo

      Yeah, but if it gets angry it turns into a .454 casull.

      • Anonymoose

        I would expect it to be in .50GI, so it could actually use the same breechface as a .45ACP.

    • It’s a .45…

  • MarcoPolo

    This is the first Vegas show that I’ve been to where I never ran across R Lee Ermey, but I did see Ferrigno instead. He’s a big guy. Other “big on tv” celebrities that I’ve run into have turned out to be midgets in real-life (Sorry Stallone, Mr. T., etc.) Disclaimer: I’m short too.

    • Anonymoose

      R. Lee Ermey is probably hanging out with the other depressed Glock people in a dive bar somewhere.

  • Joe

    That’s one way of drawing attention away from the MHS results.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Congrats. You won today’s internet.

  • Malthrak

    Lou is always a cool dude. I remember meeting him at comic-con in the 90’s when I was a wee lad. I also own a PX4 so this is pretty cool to me, even if it’s just a display piece.

  • Rick Grimes

    I’m most impressed by the fist in the ammo can. I’d like to know how it was done.

    • Amplified Heat

      Most likely hydroforming (at least, *I* wouldn’t spend the money to have actual dies developed for a one-off)

      • Rick Grimes

        Cool. So is the punch (that’s what the form is called in hydroforming, right?)…do you figure that is molded? Out of what?

        • Amplified Heat

          At work we machine the die from a hard, but cheap plastic (HDPE?) Heck of a lot less expensive than hardened dies for a stamping press

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Funny you say that. I sat around for ten minutes thinking “how would I replicate a fist dent in metal”.

      • Robert

        Just punch it with your fist, that’s what I did!

    • BeoBear

      I prefer the old fashioned way and punch it. Afterwards I stick on an Incredible Hulk bandage and carry on.

  • Was the Beretta APX spotted at SHOT this year?

  • tiger

    Great honor for a guy not on the “A” list. Nice job Beretta.

  • pcnotpc

    The ammo box is cooler than the gun.

  • I want one. Looks ‘sexy’.

  • Joe Gamer

    Notice that the barrel isn’t threaded…
    Because of the rotating action it requires a specialized suppressor that Beretta doesn’t seem to have ironed out. That one disappointment aside this seems like a fun version of a great pistol! Collecting a whole set of Avenger themed firearms would be great! I think I would go .458 socom for a Hulk build though.

  • patrickkell

    did the fix the trigger slack in the px4 yet