Shield Sights RMS Can Co-Witness Glock MOS | SHOT 2017

Most pistol red dots that mount to the Glock MOS line do not co-witness the factory irons. In fact I do not know of any red dot that can co-witness with the Glock sights without upgrading to tall suppressor sight. That is, until now.

Shield Sights have been making a micro red dot for JP Enterprises called the JPoint micro red dot. I have one on my M&P CORE. It has worked great for over 3 years and has not lost zero. I have not even had to change batteries. But I have to admit I do not shoot it that often so that is partly why the battery has lasted so long.

Well Shield Sights’ latest version is called the RMS and the housing is now made of aluminum compared to the JPoint’s polymer housing. Both are equally small.

Shield Sights also has a special mounting plate that is made for the JPoint or RMS to interface with a Glock MOS slide.




the rectangular section in front of the red dot is the special plate for the MOS line.


The irons can co-witness through the red dot.

The RMS is just as small as the Jpoint


One major improvement, besides upgrading to metal housings, is a side battery tray. The old JPoint red dots have to be removed to change batteries, which results in checking your zero and possible re-zeroing your red dot.

Nicholas C

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  • I wish glock would just sell slides factory pre milled

    • Ken

      Well, if the sight makers would standardize the mount configuration that would be feasible. Currently, Glock would have to guess how many of which mount to mill the slides to. Not a very cost-effective way to do bidness, IMHO.

      • Maxcoseti

        not really, Glock MOS models currently come with interchangeable plates you can switch depending on the optic you mount, I believe what OP is asking is for Glock to sell those slides alone

    • Stan Darsh

      Considering Glock stock slides sell for $500 or so, I imagine the MOS slide would cost more than the complete VooDoo RMR slide with suppressor sights and threaded barrel.

      • Cap’n Mike

        $500 for a slide???
        Why so much if the whole gun costs $499?

        • Phil White

          No idea really but I can say the price is fairly common for a custom Glock slide.

        • Stan Darsh

          It’s absurd. The lowest price i’ve seen for a slide was $450 at a few retailers while most charge more. A lot of people opt to buy a complete pistol in a different caliber instead of trying a caliber swap due to the price.

    • Wow!

      Send it to any half decent competent gunsmith, or just buy premilled slides. Just avoid anyone who does any “serration” or “lightening” work. (Check out this “Steve” guys glock on the Safe Arms Review channel for how not to cut into a Glock)

  • thedonn007

    How much does the red dot cost?

    • Nicholas C


  • Keiichi


  • Justin Roney

    I would imagine they will sell a rediculous number of these.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I was listening to gunfighter cast and apparently Steve Fisher will be running these on his guns this year. I plan to take one of of his classes this year so hopefully I’ll get to check them out in person. I’ve also talked to a companies milling slides and they are saying these will fit on a Glock 43 or Shield!

    • Jason Lewis

      I’m wondering if the batteries lasted 3 years with the red dot on all the time.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        No telling. If I can get by with a year and half I’d be happy. If it’s 9 months and I change them every six them I’m happy with it. The fact you don’t have to take the optic off the slide t install new batteries is a big plus for me. I don’t like the idea of having to rezero everytime I change batteries. Just confirm zero and carry on.

        • Jason Lewis

          That’s the only thing that turned me off with Leupolds. They won’t say how long the battery last if on all the time. It self turns of and saves the battery. If it’s on my hip moving it’ll be on all the time. It’s Trijicon for me till I find out more on this one.

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Agreed. The motion sensitive auto shut off feature is stupid for any kind of use gun. If you’re carrying a handgun or an officer carrying a long arms in you patrol car the gun is going to be moving a lot.

  • Joe

    According to the folks at Shield in response to my email about this optic.

    The optic is not waterproof. Will stand up fine to basic weather conditions.
    The sight does not turn off but as its automatic if you store it in a dark environment when not in use you will get 1-2 years’ battery life out of it and with the side draw the battery is very quick and easy to change.

    All our products are sourced and manufactured in the UK.
    We are currently discussing opening and production facility in the US in the future.

  • Saint Stephen the Obvious

    The sight co-witnesses with the irons…

    But we can’t post a good picture of that.


  • Joe Gamer

    Looks good, not actually buy a glock good, but pretty good.

  • Payce

    The only downside I can see is that it’s auto brightness adjust. Not a big deal if your inside shooting inside or outside shooting outside. Dark into light will make the irons necessary but to me, it shouldn’t be that way. The sight should be able to operate in all conditions and that’s enough to write it off for a serious use to me.