Glock Gen 4 MOS | SHOT 2017

Glock 19 Gen 4 MOS with Trijicon

Glock 19 Gen 4 MOS with Trijicon

As the capabilities and prices of advanced optics continue to improve, more and more shooters are using them as a matter of course. It was only a matter of time before Glock had to shift gears slightly to make an optics-ready pistol.

The new Gen 4 MOS (Modular Optics System) series of handguns comes with a cover plate that can easily be removed and one of four mounting plates can be installed. Each plate is compatible with a particular mounting method. For instance, one of the plates is designed to work with Trijicon. Another mates with EoTech. Shooters that don’t use optics can simply leave the cover in place for the classic Glock appearance.

Glock 34 Gen 4 MOS with C-More

Glock 34 Gen 4 MOS with C-More

Shelby Murdoc

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  • Jae

    Am I missing something? M.O.S. has been out since last year…

  • st381183

    This is not a new product. Been around for at least a year. Now if you want to tell me about a Glock carbine I’m all ears.

    • mike

      Or the super secret Glock 1911

  • PersonCommenting

    Holy Hell Glock, you have a factory in the US now, lose the finger grooves! You dont need to get import points!

    • Big Daddy

      I dremel them off. They’re terrible. Once I decided I like the gun and will keep it, off them come. I guess I devalued some pretty expensive pistols. Oh well.

      • PersonCommenting

        Hey if youre going to keep it forever who cares… If not and you just care about it working for you then still. Who cares. Most would probably see it as a selling point. I just dont get why glock doesnt listen to their consumer base.

        • Big Daddy

          At my age I have learned that as not to sell a gun I find a job for it. Once it has a job I can no longer sell it. When I buy a gun it’s with the idea that it has a use, not only because I want it…LOL. When these criteria meet I buy.

          I want a SCAR 17 but there is no way I could justify buying one other than I want it. It would not have a job. So I bought a CMMG MK3 and upgraded it. It’s more accurate than I can shoot so it fit my desires for a 308 carbine. If I ever get the pleasure to eventually go Hog hunting here in Texas I think it might be the one I take. Although I might use my 300BO AR15.

          All my Glocks have jobs, some I carry, some are for HD, some I keep in the car and so on. Some are my #1 for the job, some #2 in case they have an issue or in the process of some type of upgrade and I rotate them. Some I’m still getting to be the way I like them. Once they are that way I dremel off the what I call nubs and stipple certain parts of the frame.

    • Tony

      I’m a fan of the finger grooves, personally.

    • TheWarriorWorkshop

      To each their own. I love the finger grooves and can’t get why guys don’t like them. It allows you to get a better grip on the pistol. Now better stippling…I think we could all agree on that. That being said though, I think the easy customization of the pistol and availability of aftermarket parts is one of its huge selling points. I’ve just been doing the skateboard tape for years and it works well for me. Replace it every 2 years or so and I’m good to go.

      • PersonCommenting

        My hand just doesnt fit the finger grooves. My fingers end up sitting on the peaks and not in the valleys like they are supposed to. I do like subtle finger grooves like the ppq though. I think those work fine for most people.

  • olivehead

    Ok, I’ll chime in too. How is this a new product?

  • Pretty much the same deal

  • William Elliott

    I was hoping they slimmed down the plates…fixed the issue that causes them to fail more often than direct mount slide cuts…

  • Bill

    Was there a big vat of KoolAid and a bunch of guys who looked like they were napping at the GLOCK booth?

    I’ve been kicked in the stones before, but having the Army announce who didn’t get the pistol contract in the middle of SHOT would definitely send me looking for hookers and blow. Especially if last year’s news was all I had to show.

  • M1911

    I don’t understand why you are posting this article. The Gen 4 MOS isn’t a new product. I have a Gen 4 MOS Glock 34 in my safe. It was my competition gun last year.

  • iksnilol

    Or you can just buy an 80% glock frame and put in all the components you want from the start.

  • AK™

    Who do they think they are…Colt?