Franklin Armory .17WSM AR and New Binary Triggers | SHOT 2017

Franklin Armory has been making an AR chambered in .17WSM called the F17 series. The beauty of this is that they are exempt from California’s assault weapon bans as those statutes only apply to center fire weapons.

The basic F17-M4 starts at $1,499. There are a few other models with different sights and furniture.


More intersting is is the evolution of their Binary Trigger. They are now on the third generation. They have made some minor modifications such as you can switch the safety back to semi if you were in Binary mode and had pulled the first shot.

The third generation Binary trigger is more versatile. It can be dropped into a Sig MPX without modification. 


Franklin Armory is now working on a Binary trigger for HK platforms their trigger pack will work in HK91, MP5 and other roller locks that use the same trigger pack


Due IR to the parts commonality to the AR Binary trigger, FA will be making a trigger for the Bushmaster ACR.


The ACR trigger will come out sooner than the MP5 trigger since they don’t have to make as many new parts like the MP5 trigger. They project release for both new trigger systems this year.

I told them they should make one for the SCAR platform.

Nicholas C

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  • valorius

    you’d have to either be on crack, or very rich, to pay $1500 for a rimefire AR. A .22 would be better for defense anyway because there are actually .22 rounds that will penetrate 15″ of gel. All .17hmr rounds have substandard penetration for defensive purposes.

    For countries, errr, states with a centerfire AWB, a .22 WMR chambered rifle would be the best option.

    • Atticus Finch

      It’s not .17 HMR, it’s .17 WSM. The .17 WSM from an AR has better ballistics than the HK 4.6×30 PDW round from the MP7. By about 300 FPS. No way a .22 rimfire comes close to beating it.

      • Cymond
      • valorius

        Aguila 60gr .22 SSS achieves over 15″ penetration in gel and tumbles on impact. I have a hard time believing any .17 caliber can achieve that level of penetration performance.
        The .17 WSM fires 20 grain bullets that most likely wont even penetrate 10″ in gel.

        • gunsandrockets

          I’ve seen a youtube video of a guy who fired a .17 HMR rifle using 20 grain FMJ loads that penetrated soft body armor at 100 yards.

          • valorius

            Soft body armor is another issue entirely. Obviously the velocity of .17WMR would give it a huge edge in that department. .22LR Aguila supermax flat nose solid will penetrate .5″ polycarbonate bullet proof glass and some level IIA. Supermax only penetrates about 7-8″ of gel though.

            If you could find a .17WMR round that will penetrate at least 12″ in gel i’d change my mind on it, but i seriously doubt one exists.

            In a home defense/self defense role adequate penetration is far more important than expansion or armor penetration capability. Aguila 60 grain SSS is the only modern rimfire round in any caliber that i’m aware of, that i would trust in a self defense role.

      • valorius

        Remember, self defense rounds are about penetration, not energy. Civilian home or self defense rounds dont need to have long range flat trajectories either, so the strength of a .17 WMR is just wasted.

        With Aguila 60gr SSS you’re getting a nearly hearing safe round with virtually no recoil and very deep tumbling penetration.

        • Atticus Finch

          You can’t get any penetration with no energy and energy is a convenient measure of terminal ballistics. We know that the 4.6x30mm (an .18 caliber round) has a certain level of performance, with the ability to penetrate ballistic armor and to wound/kill unarmored personnel. If the .17 WSM has fractionally more energy in bullets of comparable weight and construction (and it does), then it will have fractionally better performance. (There’s no such thing as .17 WMR. You’re confusing this super magnum with the much less powerful .17 HMR.)

          • valorius

            Actually i looked up the specs for 4.6mm and some of the rounds tickle 400 fpe of energy, so it is in fact a bit more powerful than the round we’re discussing here.

            Energy is counter-productive to penetration when it comes with high velocity. What makes the 60gr SSS penetrate so deeply is it’s very low muzzle velocity of about 700-850fps depending on launch platform. Brassfetcher has ballstic gel tests of that round, check em out, it has really impressive performance (15″ penetration and tumbles end over end). Much better than some 5.56mm rounds even.

          • Atticus Finch

            You have to be trolling, now. The .17 WSM also reaches 400 ft-lbs.

          • valorius

            From a rifle length barrel. The 4.6mm does 400fpe from a 7″ barrel. 4.6mm is significantly more powerful than .17 WSM.

          • Atticus Finch

            It’s a good thing the Franklin F17 has a rifle length barrel, then.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    This is a cool idea. They should make AR’s in every caliber.

    And the people who come up with their pricing should put the crack pipe down and seek treatment.

    • GR Arnold

      I agree. I’ve been waiting for a good .40 forever. Needing one that is reasonably priced too. No more of these “panic prices”.

  • SGT_B

    Could you clarify, WSM or HMR?

    • Cymond

      WSM. They announced the basic version like a year ago. It seems the title has been updated on the post, but not on the front page or the URL.

  • Jambo

    Now my G3SG/1 build will have a pseudo auto feature. Nice.

  • MrBrassporkchop

    So rimfires are exempt from many of the “assault weapons” rules in California?

    Would it be possible to make a more powerful rimfire then? Didn’t they have some pretty hardcore rimfires way back in the day? If you modernized one I let it would be pretty potent. Sure it would be expensive but I mean if you’re stuck with cali laws…

    • valorius

      From a rifle a .22 WMR AR would give you plenty of performance for defensive purposes. A .22 WMR rifle has ballistics very similar to 5.7x28mm from a five seven pistol. But i don’t think anyone makes one.

      • Nicholas C

        There is the CMR30 and Savage A22 semi auto. Both in .22wmr.

        Although the CMR-30 would not be any good because magazine capacity is independent of assault weapon ban.

        • valorius

          The perfect weapon in states with mag bans would be a 16- 20″ barrel tube mag fed 9mm pump action rifle. With a 20″ barrel full length mag tube i’d bet you could cram 20x 9mm JHPs into a tube mag.

          There is away around any law.

    • Jeff Smith

      I’ve always wondered this. I guess the .17WSM is a step in that direction, but it would be nice to see something heavier, like .22 Hornet or something even heavier.

    • Old Vet

      Larger caliber rimfires might be tricky in semi-auto setups??

  • clampdown

    A sub $600 AR in .22WMR would be an awesome gun. Hornady Critical Defense is nasty out of a rifle. I took out a fox at 75 yds or so out of a Savage bolt action with that round…Nice little .22 hole on entry…A deep ragged crater the size of a small orange upon exit

    • valorius


  • Not Gersh Kuntzman

    Yes please to a SCAR binary trigger! And an AK one too.

  • Dan

    “They have made some minor modifications such as you can switch the safety back to semi if you were in Binary mode and had pulled the first shot.” – this has been a feature of the BFS since the gen 2, it is not new to the gen 3.

    • Nicholas C

      Hmm, interesting. The rep made conscious effort to point this out.

  • HK556WI

    Get the HK pack to market already. The money is burning a hole in my pocket.

    • Ben Pottinger

      I have to agree. I really wanted to build a AR 9mm just for one of these trigger groups, now I’ll just wait on this for my MP5-SBR!!

  • uisconfruzed

    “The basic F17-M4 starts at $1,499”, that’s 3X what you can pick up a 5.56/223 for.
    Egads!!! Does it have a hand lapped cut rifled barrel?

    • Nicholas C

      It is a bit pricey, but for people in ban states this is an alternative.

      • Old Vet

        Ban states seems to give license to the mfg.’s to gouge, huh??

        • Nicholas C

          Sadly that is the case for some. I do not condone it. But for people behind curtains of tyranny they have few options.

  • William Elliott

    can I get one for my Tavor?
    Yah, I may have to get one of the HK91 packs….

  • Secsron

    So is it .17hmr or .17wsm? Or both?

  • Scroll Artist

    Awesome….the possibilities

  • Colonel K

    And what is keeping the AWB states from quickly amending their laws to include all rimfires?

  • Capn Stefano

    Idea.. why not make a .30 or .40 caliber rimfire cartridge, and AR15s to match?

    Rimfires are exempt… for now