FAXON Glock Barrels And AR Upper | SHOT 2017

While Adam S. covered the BCGs and AR barrels made by Faxon, he did not mention the Glock barrel nor Faxon’s AR upper receiver.

Faxon will be making drop in Glock barrels for the 19, 17, and 34. They are skipping non-threaded and jumping right into making them threaded.

They will be making a plain threaded barrel out of 4150 steel and will retail for $159. After that, they will make a fluted version, also threaded, and that will be made of 416-R and will retail for a bit ore at $209.

According to Nathan S. the Glock barrels will be coated in PVD coating.


Next up is their AR Upper Receiver. It is a forged light weight upper with a skeletonized shell deflector. They removed one once of weight, just from the shell deflector alone. They used a diamond hone to smooth the inside of the upper receiver. Faxon also took it a step further and lapped the front face of the upper receiver threads.

A stripped lower will retail for only $99. And Faxon will sell a complete kit for $125.



Nicholas C

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  • Amplified Heat

    Is that imitating Dremel fluting?

    • Perhaps, but Dremel level = expert.

      • User

        What sence does it even make, it adds weight and does not increase hoop stress resistance, also it doesnt increase static in such a short pistol barrel, and even if the shape isnt good for that.

        What sence does it make besides adding weight? And do not tell me “dissipating heat”, there way better options for that with less weight.

        • The FLAME fluting helps with barrel harmonics. Plus, it just looks cool!

          Our barrels have no hoop stresses in a relaxed state. We fully stress relieve them as part of our manufacturing processes.

          • User

            “helps with barrel harmonics” again… yes to a certain extent, but its not a shape to actually maximize this while minimizing weight = stupid and waisting potential, and gives the customer less for theyr money. If you have to make a barrel “look cool” (thats inside a frame anyways), to sell it to people who doesnt know better, it surly works, but its really sad from an engineering standpoint….

          • We can tell you are passionate on the subject and thank you for your comments.

            You are correct, any fluting will reduce the total capability of handing hoop stress, but the FLAME fluting is not designed to handle this (as the base cylinder is more than adequate), its designed to help dissipate the whip as it travels down the barrel, not just contain pressure.

            Its a side effect it looks cool.

          • User

            I 100% know that it doesnt increase hoop stress restiance, thats what i stated from the beginning and is simple physic. Youre doging the real question with repeating yourself.
            The shape is not maximized for harmonics while minimized for weight, your customer get less for theyr money than what would be simply possible. For nothing than some pr name “flame fluting”, sad. Actual arguments are welcomed.

    • Gary Kirk

      Dremel Dan strikes again…

  • Aono

    Faxon might consider a run of slick side carry handle receivers a la the Fulton Armory FA-AU-167. The pencil barrel game is strong at Faxon and invites retro inspired and pinned and welded builds.

    • Good idea.

      • I too would be interested in a no forward assist model. Nathan, what is the weight of the upper you showed off at the show? Thanks!

        • Nicholas C

          He didn’t mention the weight but you save 1oz from the material removed from the brass deflector.

          I got to shoot their light weight AR and it was only 4.9 lbs according to the Faxin rep.

    • Marcus D.

      I never have understood the need for a shell deflector. I have a slick side (with no forward assist) and it drops shells so consistently I put a box where they land to make it easy to bus my brass.

  • Edeco

    The fluting would be nice in a G34, all else being equal throw heat off a little faster.

  • Quest

    Fluting on a pistol barrel…. retarded…

  • Bradley

    I don’t have much interest in a lightweight upper that has a forward assist. There is quite a bit of weight there and it is debatable if it has a practical function. I do realize some people still want it there though.

  • Guns from scrap

    Did they use an angle grinder to make that Fluting?

    • Drew Coleman

      I’m thinking that it’s the lighting and camera angle that makes it look so bad. I thought it was hideous at first.

  • Norm Glitz

    Hard to believe that that little bit of aluminum weighs an ounce. Waste of time & $.

    Diamond hone? Really? Why? And lapping the front of the receivers has been proven by many gunsmiths to be a waste of effort.

    More solutions in search of non-existent problems.