Boyds At-One Stock | SHOT 2017

The one time I tried stopping by the Boyds Gunstock booth at this year’s SHOT Show it was slammed with wall to wall people. If you aren’t familiar, Boyds is a supplier of laminate and hardwood gunstocks for nearly any rifle or shotgun imaginable. I used a Boyds stock on my 77/357 ‘Grey Ghost’ build featured here at TFB a few years back. The king of affordable rifle stocks just released a new model: the At-One. This laminate stock features an adjustable check rest and butt pad as well as rubberized sections for added grip and comfort.

We still have a little while to wait for the At-One’s release, so I don’t have an estimated MSRP to share at the moment. However, expect it to be competitively priced. Boyds is known for their wide selection and value pricing.

Boyds At-One Rifle Stock

Here’s more info on our newest stock…the At-One™
A laminated hardwood gunstock of modular design allowing for quick adjustments and adaptations that will allow the stock to fit anyone, no matter their size, and adapt to any hunting or shooting situation.
This is the last gunstock you’ll ever need to own!

Credit: Boyds

Credit: Boyds


Credit: Boyds


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  • Heartbreaker

    I have a sudden irrational desire for a purple laminate stock. What guns will these be available for?

  • cwp

    Every time I see a Boyd’s stock I have the urge to get one for my T/C Dimension. Not that the regular stock is terrible or anything, I just think it’d look nice in hardwood.

    • Shankbone

      How does your Dimension shoot? Caliber?

      • cwp

        I have it in .243, although I’d like to get a .308 barrel at some point. It’s a solid shooter, more accurate than I am (not that that’s saying much). If you can do your part, it’s perfectly capable of shooting MOA or better.

        The only real quibble about I have with it is that … well … it’s kind of Glock-y. You know how people say that a Glock is a soulless plastic shooting appliance, the Honda Accord of the gun world? The Dimension is sort of the bolt-action version of that. It shoots well, but it doesn’t feel … substantial, if that makes any sense.

  • Goody

    Shame it’s ugly. Would love to see these features on a more traditionally styled stock, without those awful hard angles & flat surfaces.

    • Bierstadt54


    • Anonymoose

      Looks like they finished them with skittles.

  • Fitz Chivalry

    I hope there’ll be something for my ruger scout.