Is Ulticlip Going to Change the Holster Market? | SHOT 2017

To be honest the SHOT Show is full of a lot of the same stuff, cough AR-15s cough, but there are a few gems to be found. I stumbled upon a product from a company I think is going places. They’re called Ulticlip and they make a pretty ingenious way to secure your holster to yourself.

The issue with most gun holsters on the market is retention. When you draw your handgun, knife, backup magazine etc retention is usually pretty lousy. If your holster or sheath isn’t fastened to your belt securely it tends to ride up as you draw. While this isn’t absolutely horrible, it is awkward and can slow down your draw. Most belt clips on the market still leave a bit of slack when they’re attached to your belt, the Ulticlip eliminates that with the unique way it attaches to your belt.

Instead of running your belt through loops or traditional style holster clips the Ulticlip clamps directly onto the belt. You don’t even need a belt really, it can clip directly onto your pants, in a purse pocket or however you secure your firearm when carrying. Ulticlip claims their holster clips offer 10 times the retention of other holster clips on the market. As far as concealability the Ulticlip is also superior because there is less of the clip exposed on your belt compared to traditional clips.

The Ulticlip next to a traditional holster belt clip

Some holster companies are already offering the Ulticlip as an option with their products and I believe more will soon follow. You can even add the Ulticlip to holsters already on the market, another great feature of the Ulticlip is they retail at just $11.99. Visit for more info and check it out in action in the video below.

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  • Jack Morris

    I love the idea and their product looks great, but I wish they offered it without the logo on the only part of the holster that might be visible when carrying. Not exactly something I want to advertise. Don’t get me wrong; the logo is actually pretty cool, just not the location on the product.

    • USMC03Vet

      Put a Chiquita banana sticker over it.

      • Jack Morris


        • Twilight sparkle

          They did that because they sell just the clips, I ordered and received a t5 custom kydex holster with the ulticlips because I wanted something that would sit under my belt, so far it seems pretty good but I’ll need more time with it to really tell.

    • Tony O

      I used one on my IWB holster for my S&W Shield (when I had it) and I never once was questioned about it. I highly doubt anyone is going to get so close to you that they’d be able to see the logo. I even did with clip over the belt for my brother’s rehearsal and wedding. Not a single person questioned me about it. The only person who even knew I was carrying was my brother, but he knows I carry everywhere.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I sell a lot of ulticlips. They are a good product but you have to understand the limitations. They did a great job with their mounting pattern.

    Your waistband must be tight enough to to support the weight of the gun. If you normally wear a 35 waist and it fits perfectly then you should wear a 34 when carrying with the ulticlip. If you don’t your gun and holster will move around side to side creating potential printing and an inconsistent/slower draw. You could run two ulticlips but that will hinder ease of use.

    If your gun wouldn’t stay in place using Mexican carry then the pants are probably to loose to carry using the ultliclip. I read a study that said most american men wear their pants to tight so this won’t be an issue for a large percentage of the male population.

    If you are wearing it with a belt the belt won’t help support the gun like it would with a normal holster.

    It works better with smaller guns. It isn’t as stable with a Glock 19 or larger gun and the problem I mention above comments.

    The UltiClip isn’t ideal as a daily carry for most people and the way they dress. If they are willing to buy their pants around the holster and don’t wear a belt then it works quite well. It also works great for dress clothing with the right holster and positioning.

    • Tony O

      I have yet to try one on a Glock 19 holster, but it worked perfect for my Shield 9mm. I never had a problem with it shifting on my pants/belt. Unfortunately I got one of the original ones that only had one screw hole, so the holster tended to rotate on the axis of the single screw.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        It’ll work especially with the smaller guns but you have to do a setup like you do to counter the problem of relying only on the pants. Have you have any issues with drawing? I’m going to try this setup out myself.

    • Colonel K

      Good summary, HH. I have never been able to keep my pants up without a belt, and I’ve never been able to carry a holstered pistol on my belt unless I cinched it tight. I don’t even bother with IWB holsters, and I always avoid food or eat lightly. If you chow down on something like burritos, you will suffer the consequences.

  • Fox Hunter

    This would be great for fixed blades as well.

  • Tony O

    Inb4 it was cool LOL. I’ve been using one almost since they started selling them. It is one of the best clips on the market, very low profile, sturdy, and extremely retentive. And it’s inexpensive!

  • Tierlieb

    Wow. A suspender clip attached to a holster. But in black!

  • Stephen the Obvious

    Apparently we are comparing apples to oranges…

    Quote: “It doesn’t have to be hooked or clipped to your belt, boot, or anything. The built in waistband goes around your torso like a belt.”

    Yea because the Ulticlip is… a clip and not a waistband. I thought that was pretty clear.


    P.S. in that you don’t need a belt with the ulticlip you need to be sure your pants can hold the weight of your gun (saggy pants need not apply).

  • RocketScientist

    Ummm. you realize they’re reporting form a trade expo? Literally the entire point of the show is to present new/interesting products to the market.

    • Garmanarnar

      Not the way the article is worded. Lots of false premises and marketing speak, describing fixes to “problems” that don’t exist.

  • Twilight sparkle

    Yeah… you’re not fooling anyone

    This is poor business practice and I’ll be sure to recommend all of my customers against your product