Suppressed Hudson H9 | SHOT 2017

This photo was posted on Facebook yesterday. When TFB was at the Shot Show Industry Range Day I had asked Hudson MFG about suppressing the H9. They laughed and said they can’t speak about it just yet.

And yet there is a threaded barrel for one now with an osprey45. I feel cheated and demand to shoot it suppressed now. I’m kidding. Although I would have liked to have shot one suppressed and compare it to the Maxim 9.


Nicholas C

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  • Shankbone

    Did someone ask for directions to the gun show?

    • st381183

      No doubt. To be a gun expert these days you have to look like a 25 year-old Arnold Schwartzenegger with Picasso art up and down your arms. Makes this fat gun guy who actually has to buy his guns feel a little….a lot… inadequate. I want a job where I get paid to work out like a mad man and hawk guns…..but alas….reality. Gotta love Shot Show. At least the free weights are available but don’t try to buy any 5.11 pants.

      • Henrik Bergdahl

        Just get a tactical beard and you will be fine 🙂

        • Bigbigpoopi

          You don’t need anything.

          Just don’t scream “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM” to anyone (especially Ruger).

      • Paladin

        Just don’t skip leg day….

  • ExMachina1

    In that photo, the SilencerCo would get my $$ (well, my $$$$$$)

    The HPA is likely a distant pipe dream…but if it ever came to pass I would jump on a Maxim 9 without a second thought.

    • PersonCommenting

      Oh i really hope the HPA passes. There is no reason for pistol cans to be as expensive as they are.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Sure except all the overhead of making products in the USA, the regulation SOTs need to deal with, a little cost called R&D that people don’t care about because they’ll just buy the garbage clones…

        No, everything should be cheap and priced based solely on the cost of materials. YAY Race To The Bottom!

        • SGT Fish

          ive thought about this a lot. and I figure that if people still buy 2500-3000 dollar high end ARs (usually the same people that buy $1000+ suppressors), then the normal suppressor makers will survive by charging just a little less and letting the low end MFGRs build the cheap K-baffle/washer baffle cans just like how PSA, radical, and many other companies pump out $500 ARs. though many many more people will be buying cans for their guns.

          • PersonCommenting

            I think we will see many making their own simple suppressors at home which will drive the cost even lover for at least some suppressors. Pistol suppressors are not hard to make and while their longevity wont be great but if companies continue to charge 500 dollars for a decent 9mm can then you will definitely see people making inexpensive cans for about 50 bucks from supplies from home depot. Will they last 10,000 rounds? Probably not but with people charging 500 dollars for a single can then you can make several more before it makes sense to buy a professionally made one.

        • PersonCommenting

          I am not saying that at all. The fact is that if the HPA passes the prices of suppressors will come down because more people will buy them also they will have to compete with the home builder who will make their own cans thus driving costs down as well. The fact that this regulation does exist allows manufactures to mark up their prices a tiny bit as well. I see good quality middle of the spectrum cans for pistols being in the 200-400 dollar range which they are already getting there already with more companies getting into the suppressor game if the bill passes.

      • Goody

        Look at the New Zealand market. All steel 22 silencers come in as low as forty dollars. Handguns are not popular there (no legal right to self defense) so their pistol caliber market is not as crowded.

        Sintered titanium rifle cans start at about $600. The American market is in for a big shock.

        • PersonCommenting

          What do you mean big shock? Also 600 NZ is less in USD.

          Also I have heard those 40 dollar cans are throw aways after a certain point. NZ also has a lot slimmer market. Id be more curious about european countries.

          • Goody

            nzd is less than usd yeah, but nz wages are typically much, much higher – which forces the price of domestic products higher.

          • PersonCommenting

            I see I see but what are prices for a regular quality suppressor not made of titanium as it is harder to work with. I just dont see how the UK can sell their moderators for 50-250 bucks.

          • Goody

            Buyers don’t have a $200 flagfall and six months to wait, so manufacturers have to work harder for the business. I say again, the US industry is in for a shock if HPA passes.

          • PersonCommenting

            The industry, Okay. I can get that . What do you think it will do for pricing though. I think it will cause a big drop. What do you think about that?

          • Goody

            The doors of the industry will be blown wide open – there will be massively increased competition with a corresponding huge price drop, and many manufacturers simply won’t be able to keep up. If you have stock in suppressor makers, drop it. The big names will pull through, but it will be a difficult year as they adjust to the changed landscape.

            There will remain a ‘cutting edge’ R&D industry of patent protected designs – so flagship makers will be insulated to an extent. The lightest, sleekest & quietest items will command most of the same premium they do now, models with military/LE clients will probably be completely unaffected.

          • PersonCommenting

            I think we are agreed then. Prices should drop drastically.

        • PersonCommenting

          Alright so I found some 30-06 and 243 Suppressors in the UK. they were selling for around 175 pounds to 300 pounds. Again the quality looks like the longevity isnt there but still a lot cheaper.

  • Rob

    I’ll take things I didn’t know I needed for $1147 Trabek

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Sean Connery: Can you repeat the question?
      Alex Trebek: Of Simon and Garfunkel, the one that is not Garfunkel.
      Sean Connery: I Garfunkeled your mother.

    • ouch, thats a lot of dough

  • DIR911911 .

    how about video of someone actually shooting the damn thing?????

    • Amplified Heat

      I know, right? “We have a CGI video of a guy shooting a model of our gun on the website, though”

  • ??

    I wanna say it doesn’t work until there’s a video. Certainly is good marketing! Too bad it doesn’t function correctly with a can :]

  • Evan

    I’m not too well versed here on Hudson MFG, so what makes the H9 so special to ask it to be compared to the Maxim 9, are they similar in some way or there something special about the H9?

    • Rob

      They are double stack 9mm
      They are striker fired
      They are supposedly hitting the market this year

      Everything else

      If you control for the first three they are about as different as can be.
      Normal pistol vs integrally suppressed
      metal frame vs polymer
      recoil operated vs delayed blowback
      recoil spring far below the barrel vs Recoil springs above and behind the barrel

    • Amplified Heat

      They’ve both got bulky looking dust covers roughly flush with the trigger guard. That’s it. The difference with the Maxim is this was actually done for a reason (to house the silencer)

      It’s sad that people keep comparing the two, and keep comparing the H9 and the 1911 with which it also shares nothing of significance, because it shows just how uneducated and easily manipulated by slick marketing campaigns the average gun buyer is.

      I’ll put it this way; Hudson has the most impressive website design of any firearms company I’ve ever seen. No where is there a demonstration video showing the gun being shot, no where is there discussion of their manufacturing facilities and quality control. Just a bunch of promises and some slick computer-generated video melo-drama.

      • Rob

        That is a rather strange critique of the H9 Vis-a-vis the Maxim 9 which is (still) being shown with a 3d printed frame 4 months away from shipping especially considering that Silencerco built their brand on Marketing.

        The two pistols can’t really be compared because they had very different design goals.

        The Maxim is an integrally suppressed pistol.

        The Hudson was designed to bring 1911 feel in a more modern striker fired format.

        Which does better in reaching their goal is yet to be seen and both pistols are filled with very deliberate and purposeful design choices.

  • Amplified Heat

    Oh, good; even bigger. They should really have a tac-light/laser unit on there as well as an RMR mount to complete the set. These guys certainly appear to have some good machining resources; why didn’t they just machine their own matching silencer? It could be a lot shorter than others because of that extra height, and turn that useless liability into something approaching useful.