Strike Industries AR Quick Change Upper | SHOT 2017

Hot on the heels of Strike‘s MP5 receiver replacement is their AR quick change barrel upper receiver. This model is an injection molded prototype, with actual production versions being made out of aluminum. Strike’s interest in a quick-change barrel comes from the need to switch out shoot out barrels, or to simply switch barrels out for different calibers, along with different lengths. The system is drastically simple, only requiring a hex wrench (Or flathead) to unscrew two captive screws out from the left and right sides of the receiver, thereby releasing the barrel. The Charging handle has been pushed to the handguard, is non-reciprocating, and can be switched to either side of the handguard, There is no forward assist, and the charging handle isn’t connected to the bolt in forward motion (only in rearward motion), so Strike has a button just behind it that once pressed, can actuate the bolt to be pressed forward.

The “Bolt Assist”, instead of a Forward Assist. Also notice the M-Lok rails and QD attachments. 

AR multi lug rotating bolt, with a flat bolt carrier, along with no dust cover.

Flip up iron sights are integral to the picatinny rail. 

The design utilizes a short stroke gas piston to operate the action.


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  • rjackparis

    Great. Now I have to talk myself out of another build.

  • b0x3r0ck

    So are they using any standard AR parts like bolt , firing pin and barrel or are all those new parts.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Wow before this SHOT I never really cared to purchase any SI products, but now Im pretty interested in some of their stuff.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I always looks at them as a cool but not my style manufacturer that bands everything as new even though a dozen others were already doing it. This year that are actually thinking outside the box. I look forward to seeing prices.

  • Vitor Roma

    I want to see the BCG. Does the spring is self contained or requires a buffer tube?

  • Gus Butts

    Going by the title alone, I thought somebody had finally figured out a way to change upper receivers quickly.

  • Vhyrus

    The quick change part is literally the least interesting part of this upper. Let me know when this hits the streets cause I’m interested.

    • SGT Fish

      I agree. but with ARs, I have no need for quick change barrels. especially when I can spend 50-80 bucks more, and have a whole upper to pin on with my sights already zero’d and be ready to go. I don’t see the desire for quick change barrels.

      • Austin

        Where are you getting a complete upper for 80 bucks more than a barrel/gas system? Between upper receiver, handguard, and miscellaneous parts, not to mention an additional set of sights and possibly optic, I think you’re going to come in a little bit higher than that.

    • Dan

      I was going to say the same thing. Lose the quick change idea but keep the rest.

      • Fox Hunter

        Are you kidding? The user replaceable barrel system or quick change barrel as they call it, is the best feature, no more gunsmiths needed, no need for other equipment or special wrenches, no need to worry about over torquing or under torquing the stupid barrel nut, just a hex or flathead screw, a few minutes and you are good to go. You can even remove the barrel and handguard, put everything in a smaller bag, go to the range, assemble everything, shoot, disassemble, put everything back in the bag and go home. This is the perfect upper for new AR owners.

    • josh

      ditto, im not going to be burning out the barrels in the middle of a fight. Id rather have the full upper with optics already zeroed… just pin it to the lower and go.

  • I think there needs to be a review of what “Quick change barrel” means when it comes to firearms. It should not require tools to accomplish or it really is not quick. The upper looks interesting, quick change barrel not really.

    • Vhyrus

      If you want to get technical, anything faster than the current method can be considered ‘quick’. Since popping 2 screws is definitely faster than dropping a handguard, removing a gas tube, and wrenching off a barrel nut, this would qualify as ‘quick change’. Tool less barrel change is a completely different ball of wax.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    With the quick change barrels I wish they’d make gone with a DI system giving it more options with barrels and reliability.

    Can their piston system be added to any AR barrel? If so is there a way to tune the pressure for each barrel?

    • SGT Fish

      Im about sick of all the proprietary piston systems out there. and the AR system is technically an inline piston system contained in the BCG, and not DI at all (even though MFGRs have taken that designation as standard). the carrier tilt and increased recoil impulse of piston systems just isn’t attractive. Solution to a problem that doesn’t exist

      • Harry’s Holsters


      • int19h

        If this uses a custom bolt carrier, it doesn’t necessarily have the carrier tilt problem. Just like most piston guns out there do not.

      • Fox Hunter

        Yep, not DI , but a gas expansion system, as Eugene Stoner himself called it. Thing is, the bolt and carrier are a lot more complex and require tighter tolerances in a gas expansion system, a long stroke or short stroke system can have a simpler bolt and carrier with looser tolerances, you also need gas rings for the Stoner gas expansion system, you don’t need gas rings for many short stroke system, unless its gas tappet.

        • Norm Glitz

          In both places, “clearances” not “tolerances”.

      • Machinegunnertim

        Most of the different piston kits have fallen to the way side and it seems we have less than a handful now. Adams Arms seems to be the most common and adopted by a few different rifle manufacturers as well.

        I have 3 different A.A. uppers and have been shooting A.A. pistons for years and there is no carrier tilt or increased recoil. I also have never seen the piston malfunction and I shoot a lot of corrosive 5.45×39. And the second gas setting works great with my Saker suppressor.

        They are great and I can’t think of any reason why I would want to go back to direct gas.

  • M

    So… an ACR upper made to fit an AR lower?

    • JSmath

      Shhh, knock it off man, we’re trying to have something nice.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I don’t honestly care about the quick change part, I just really love the look of that hand guard and the charging handle. I’m a big fan of forward charging handles. Just built an AR with the mega fins on it and I’m just not liking it, so maybe I’ll wait and this will be a good replacement.

  • marcus johannes

    Interesting design , Strike Industries does make a number of really trick parts

    • A handful of fairly ridiculous ones too though…

  • Matthew

    T already have quick-change barrels.
    it’s called a WHOLE UPPER ASSEMBLY!
    anyone can go from 5.56 to .300BLK in 30s by pulling two pins (NO TOOLS NEEDED)…sheesh
    building a whole upper is probably cheaper than what this will be too
    problem looking for a solution

    • Fox Hunter

      That does not help for cleaning or changing a shot out barrel. This does.

  • snakeman 48

    First off this is a prototype, meaning it may never come to market. But that being said, I’d like to see more about the bolt carrier and bolt system. I fave a 12” Faxon ARAC upper with it’s proprietary system that runs flawlessly on my registered lower. the flat sided bolt carrier reminds me of Faxon’s carrier.

  • Norm Glitz

    Another solution in search of a problem.

    “switch out shoot out barrels”? During a shoot out?

    Or did you mean “shot out”?