Spuhr Stock And Rails | SHOT 2017

Spuhr is bringing in their HK collapsing stock. It has been used by Swedish Home Guard.

As you can see above, there is one for a G3 and below is one for an MP5K.

The stock rides on a short custom buffer tube. The stock has a non sliding cheek rest that they are going to modify to be quick detach. At the moment you can only use this stock with red dots. The cheek rest sits to high to utilize the iron sights.


Along with the stock, Spuhr is making this NVG bridge in conjunction with Wilcox. Each side can be quickly removed so the user is not limited to use both optics.

Here is their Benelli M4 handuard.

This is a 3D printed prototype handguard that was made for the HK417.

Nicholas C

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  • Keiichi

    One of the most interesting things for me about this post is the stock, with its cheek rest disconnected from the collapsible portion. Very innovative. Whether it will become “game changing”? We’ll see…

    • Tierlieb

      Innovative as in “has been done by Magpul and Ergo on the old M93 and then later on Magpul’s UBR as well as Ergo’s F93”?
      That said, I appreciate it being combined with a small stock and being available on the G3.

  • Konflict7993

    Benelli M4 handguard 😮

  • mikebike

    HÃ¥kan Spuhr also makes great scope rings and accessories.

  • Colonel K

    Lego handguards?