MantisX Firearms Training System | SHOT 2017

Stuck in the middle of what seems like a thousand media emails I received from SHOT vendors was one from Adam Ratigan of MantisX. Like any good intelligence collection specialist (a fancy term for Google dork), it is wise to take a quick 5,000 foot pass on any information that comes your way to see if it is relevant. And as it happens, a quick look at MantisX had me interested enough to stop by their booth for more information and a brief demo.

There are dozens of tiny intricacies that go into firing accurate and repeatable shots. For experienced shooters like you and me, it seems like it should be easy enough to identify and diagnose training issues as they arise. However, that isn’t always the case.

MantisX has developed an innovative training system that centers on a small gyro-type device anchored to the accessory rail of a firearm. That device senses slight movements in the muzzle of the gun during the firing process, and relays that data wirelessly to a mobile application. The end user then sees their muzzle movement throughout the trigger squeeze, break, release and reset phases of shooting each round.

The result is observable data on once imperceptible movements in the gun when shooting which can be used as at training aid to correct bad habits. As the MantisX team explained to me, their target market is anyone, be it law enforcement, military or civilian shooters.

The real power of this training device is that it can be used on the range in a live fire environment or at home during dry fire drills. Except for the lack of recoil, the training aid works to monitor the shooters trigger pull and muzzle position in the same way.

The MantisX device has a 12 hour battery life that is recharchable via an onboard micro USB port and an MSRP of $150. They are located in booth 3248 at the 2017 show. Stop by and let them know that your read about them at TFB.



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  • Sounds like there might be an application for LR shooters too.

    • RM Arms

      They did a recent update to included rifle fire.

  • I could see this being really good when combined with a laser trainer, and even better with a CO2 powered trainer.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Shoot. I forgot to mention. I shot it on a C02 trainer. Perfect setup.

    • MattCFII

      I still prefer LASR software if you have a laser trainer like SIRT or Laserlyte. Allows for multiple targets of different types, shot timer, analysis, etc. for a similar price if you have a PC already.

  • R

    I bought one a few months ago and have really enjoyed it. It’s helped me teach a few new shooters, and identified a few of my own bad habbits.

    I’m not sure if they’re continuing to ship this way, but mine came in a small pelican case with a foam cutout for the device. I thought it was a nice touch that’s let me leave it rolling around in my range bag.

    • Austin@Mantis

      MantisX still ships in a Pelican case. 🙂

      • Pete – TFB Writer

        Thanks for stopping by, Austin. Great meeting you guys.

  • Sam Damiano

    Looks like a newer lower price bare bones version of SCATT or Top Gun.

    • Austin@Mantis

      Yes, aspects of it are very similar to SCATT/Noptell/Top Gun, etc. Different form factor differences aside, MantisX works with both live and dry fire, pistol and rifle, etc.

  • Disarmed in CA

    This is so cool. Any way to attach it to guns without rails, like revolvers and subcompacts?

    • Austin@Mantis

      There are some adapters available for the most common carry pistols (about 12 currently), with more on the way.

  • Nicks87

    Very nice. I will be buying one for sure. I can usually tell what somebody is doing wrong when they shoot. However, sometimes I think people have a hard time accepting that they are doing something wrong (ego/stubbornness?). So I think this device will show them what they are doing wrong instead of them having to take the instructors word for it.

  • therealgreenplease

    In the cycling industry it is common to put people on a “fit bike” to adjust various aspects such as reach to handlebars, handlebar shape, crank length, etc in order to optimize the bike setup for an individual rider.

    In the future, I could see similar customization for guns. Theoretically, a gun shop with a range could let you demo multiple handguns with a device like the MantisX on the front and the resulting data could say “you might think Gun A is best for you but if you just correct this habit Gun B is really better”. You could even get more advanced by swapping components (say a grip, stock, or trigger) and see how that affects the shooter.

    Food for thought.

    • Austin@Mantis

      Great minds like a think! We’ve heard from a number of firearm retailers that they use MantisX for this very purpose.

  • Secundius

    Would it be a “Safe Bet” to call this a “Tracking Device”…

  • RM Arms

    Had this device for about two months now. I really am impressed and have used it to discover, shockingly, that my Glock 19 trigger pull is better than my Sig Legion 229 pull is! I was firm in the belief it was the opposite.

    I’ve showed folks at my nearby indoor range how this works and every single person that sees it loves it. Very good training aid!

    • RM Arms

      And the iPhone app is terrific!

  • I wonder what type of MEMS they’re using @AustinAtMantis:disqus

    • Austin@Mantis

      Lots of options for MEMS. The real magic is in the processing….