MagnetoSpeed Shot Indicator | SHOT 2017

Now that I have got involved in the deep, deep rabbit hole of precision long range shooting, I have adjusted my expectation for what the rifle and rounds can do. Because I now know that .308 Win is NOT limited to sub two one thousand yards, I have a new problem… How do I see impact at extreme distances? How do I confirm near misses?

I’ve been looking at camera systems, or even SAPI plates and a Motorola radio for a lucky person to be onsite intel…

While at the MagnetoSpeed booth, after seeing the new modular grip stuff they have, the rep showed me a new system they are working on, which was WAY more interesting in my opinion.

Simple and elegant. And incredibly useful at long range with rounds that are low energy at impact

Simple and elegant. And incredibly useful at long range with rounds that are low energy at impact

Basically it is a simple device that adheres to the back of your steel target and has a little prism that peeks over the top edge. When there is an impact to the plate it flashes red giving your spotter a great visual indicator that the shot was on target.

Near Miss

Near Miss

AND even more useful, is it has an acoustic sensor that will detect a near miss and will cause the unit to flash yellow (basically the “crack” of the round going past the plate).

The unit will be good for around 2000 shots and will run for up to a years on a couple of batteries and is sealed to the environment.

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  • Jack Morris

    Another simple, elegant, and functional solution to a common problem. Well done MagnetoSpeed! I wonder how visible the lighting system is on a bright day. Did they offer any specs on the light? Lumen output?

    • Doc Rader

      They didn’t. And my brain is pretty mushy by now, so I didn’t think to ask.

      I’d assume that it would be easy for a spotter to pick up, though

      • Jack Morris

        My brain would be mush after days of getting accosted by marketing material and hype too!

    • A Curmudgeon

      Needs to be compared with the existing system that uses a photographic strobe light to register hits. I believe the light can be placed away from the plate. Been a couple of years.

      But yeah, a pair of microphones (or probably three) wouldn’t take much modern computing power or code to indicate what direction a miss went is what it would take for me to buy that. Especially for rainy days like today. Or lots of brush. I got spoiled in the desert with our abundance of dust airborne on impact. As stated in another post–snow…forget it!

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Because I now know that .308 Win is NOT limited to sub two thousand yards

    Um… you meant two hundred right? Because… yes, 308 is limited to sub two thousand yards.

    • Doc Rader

      Yeah, yeah. Good catch. I blame mush brain. Fixed. sub ONE thousand yards.

      But I am going for a solid 1760 yards this spring. Stay tuned…

      • FarmerB

        Yeah, I’ve hit targets at one mile with it. Not exactly ideal, though.

        • Doc Rader

          Yeah, not ideal at all. The only reason we are trying it is because we can pull density altitudes around 10k. More of a “can we do it” sort of thing.

  • FarmerB

    If it could tell me which DIRECTION the bullet passed the sensor I’d buy it. For very long range we generally use reactive targets, but if you don’t hit them and cannot see the bullet splash (snow being particularly difficult) , then you’re wasting ammo.

    • Peeholestinger

      They only sense hits on target similar to a reactive target. They don’t sense bullets passing past the unit, you’re still on your own for misses.

      • Cosmo

        That’s actually not true. It Does detect misses that are in close proximity, if you watch the video that’s posted elsewhere. I would imagine that directional miss detection isn’t out of the question for the future.