Iron Claw Tactical AK Magazine Drop-Free, Non-Rocking Insert | SHOT 2017

Iron Claw Tactical is a Wisconsin based custom firearms company that is coming out with several innovative upgrades for the Kalashnikov platform. Most importantly being their non-rocking magazine well. Kalashnikovs are notorious for the particular method of “rocking” a magazine into place. Iran Claw came up with a magazine well that is bolted to the lower portion of a Kalashnikov receiver. It has a sort of smooth travel ramp on which a magazine rides into place with, presenting an angle at which it can then lock into place. The system takes a couple minutes getting used to, but once it is down, straight magazine changes similar to what many gun owners experience with an AR is very easy to accomplish.

In conjunction with the magazine well product, the company is also bringing to market a magazine quick release lever combination that can be actuated via either left or right handed shooters. Underneath the release lever is another lever that is used to force out a magazine if the initial lever hasn’t been pressed sufficiently enough, or there is debris in the magazine well preventing the magazine from dropping free. It also serves as a simply oversized version of traditional Kalashnkov release. This product is for sale separately from the magazine well and can be installed on a number of rifles currently on the market.


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  • Xanderbach

    Isn’t this a solution without a problem?

  • PXN

    Rock and lock is a feature not a defect, I have never had a AK mag prematurely fall out of slot. I have however had AR-15 mags do so.

    • SGT Fish

      I agree. but your problem with the AR mags is training. just as you get used to rocking and locking an AK mag, you must also learn to slap AR mags in firmly, just like most any pistol mag

      • LGonDISQUS

        My wife knows I train well with my AR.
        Tap. Spank. Bang.

        Wait, er…..

    • int19h

      So far as I can see, this ultimately locks the mag in the same exact way any AK does, so it’s just as sturdy.

  • Bill

    I dunno – if you want AR features, get an AR. Any weapon has it’s own unique manual of arms. Personally I’d rather focus on learning the weapon system so that I could pick up any AK and run it.

    Maybe for a competition gun, but I don’t compete.

  • Jaune Arc

    I dunno, that’s pretty sweet.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Nyet. Rifle is fine.

  • Oregon213

    I get that this is kind of cool, but…. is there really an issue with the rocking method? I mean, it seems to work for a whole bunch of guys who have AKs all over the world.

    Learn the gun you have, right?

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Exactly. Mag changes can be pretty quick if you practice.

    • Minuteman

      Rob Ski and Travis Haley wholeheartedly agree.

    • kyphe

      The only advantage this would have would be in one of the many bullpup AK conversions as the rocking mag is a constant weak-point. However it is worth noting that bullpup AKs have no advantage themselves so it renders the advantage argument void by default. This is then purely a personal preference type of purchase

    • int19h

      If it’s as reliable, and faster with the same amount of training, why not?

    • Jarhead0369

      Absolutely. Learn the AK and you learn EVERY AK.

  • gordon

    Iron Claw? Sounds like they are vying for the same teenage gamer market at Dark Storm.

    • Ryfyle

      Never say no to potential future customers. I personally played the Battlefield games growing up.

      • gordon

        I know. I am just a surly curmudgeon, I suppose. Kinda like an old overly critical Monty Python character.

  • MattCFII

    My biggest problem isn’t the straight insert, if that’s your thing ok I guess. My issue is how big the release is makes it seem like a total range thing. I’ve had much asmaller extend mag release get snagged and the magazine fall out. It seems like that would happen with this release almost any time you slung it, not to mention get poked by the thing.

    • .45

      That would be my concern as well. Awfully big and suspiciously easily moving in the video. Maybe if I see one available cheap at a gun shop or something I might try it, but as I don’t compete or anything, so I’m in no hurry to stick one on my AK.

  • iksnilol

    What about drum mags? Or double mags ?

    • .45

      I assume you’re talking about the lever hitting the mag, but I doubt that would be a problem for double mags. Drum mags on the other hand…

  • J.T.

    *Insert Ivan Chesnokov rant here.*

  • Twilight sparkle

    I like the concept, just seems like it needs a bit more refining. If you wanted to do a bullpup ak this would help a lot for magazine clearance, not saying you should do a bullpup ak but variety is the spice of life.

  • Ryfyle

    I had a similar Idea. looks like I need to believe in myself and get my other Ideas a rollin’ and patented. The shot never taken misses 100% of the time.

    • Dan

      The shot never taken neither misses nor hits. It just ceases to exist. Don’t cease to exist.

  • Konflict7993

    I could see this making people want to 3 gun with a AK now.

  • Jarhead0369

    This “rocking” method works just fine rocking and rolling with an M-14 too.

  • USMC03Vet

    What are they going to do next, remove the charging handle on the bolt?

    Rocking AK mags is part of the allure of the AK.

    • LGonDISQUS

      Gas impingement AKs.
      Clamshell-hinged dust covers with pic rails.
      AKs with AR stocks and grips.

  • Wow!

    10 years ago I would be all over this, but ever since x35 came out my AK has been collecting dust. There is no point trying to modernize an AK to have controls more like an AR, when you can buy an AR and blackout has nearly equivalent supersonic energy with a shorter barrel, accepts smoother ogive bullets, and is much more conservative on powder consumption than nearly any rifle round. Plus subsonic capability for quiet pews.

    Still, I think this is a more useful product than most of the AK accessories we have seen so hopefully they get a market to keep this product available.

  • Duncan Adams

    I did not see where it’s for sale at .. their website does not show a price … Links anyone ? thanks

  • f35hunter

    There is a typo on the third row “Iran Claw” instead of “Iron Claw” 🙂

  • Damian Wayne

    Looks to me like you have to cut the gun up to make this work .If you practice a tactical reload for the ak it is not that hard to do .Take the new full mag in the left non firing hand grab the full mag bullets facing outward towards bore .Push with the full mag WITH THE LEFT HAND with enough force on the release button and push the old mag forward and the mag will most always drop right out if you use steel mags from the weight .Place full mag into the mag well and rack and load the breech with the left hand and go on firing .This is how we were trained on soviet small arms for SOG ,SF,GB units and members of in the case we need to use an enemy captured weapon . With a little practice it works very well and is a fast tactical reload on the move if needed. This works on any AK,RPK, AKM THAT USES STEEL MAGS .