Glock Hexmag | SHOT 2017

Hexmag is expanding now into a polymer Glock magazine. No word just yet on price. But it will be competitive with what is out there now. So I suspect it will be close to the Magpul PMAG and ETS magazine. One feature the Hexmag has over the PMAG is the witness holes for how much ammo is in the magazine.

Nicholas C

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  • john huscio

    So we’ve got ETS, Magpul, Hexmag, Jagemann, who else is gonna get in on the aftermarket block mag game?

    • Big Daddy

      I bought 2 ETS and have had problems with both in Glocks and a QC10 9mm AR15.

      • john huscio

        I’ve had no problems whatsoever with their 15 and 22 rounders.

    • Phillip Cooper

      I have 3 PMAG G17 mags for my G2 G17, run like a clock. I don’t see any reason for any other competitors unless they work as well for even less money… but at $13/per, they are going to be super hard to beat.

      • Phillip Cooper

        .. and by “super hard to beat”, I mean they’d darn near have to give the things away at cost.
        Also, I now have half a dozen. 😉

  • Edeco

    You’ve got to be kidding me, a pattern pressed into the walls? Having it raised, on a banana mag is one thing…

  • Kevin Harron

    To hell with hex Mag.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Well said, sir.
      After their business practices with the orignal mag, I can’t wait to see what the brother that originated the design (and got screwed out of it) comes up with.

      I’ll be buying PMAGs in the interim.

  • Anonymoose

    >no P320 mag
    Does it even have metal reinforcements?

    • plumber576

      Bro, do you even reinforce?

  • Jamarcus Skylooter

    They must be going after the nc star buyer demographic.

  • Don Ward

    Why is Nicholas C. giving Hexmag the time of day?

    Do you people have no collective memory?

    • billyoblivion

      It is said that money can be a salve to ones conscience.

    • Wolfgar

      No more memory than the Troy fan boys, Ruger, S&W, Colt, etc, etc, etc……

      • billyoblivion

        Bill Ruger is dead, so we can sort of move on from that one.

    • About what?

      I love my Hexmags

  • Suppressed

    I just came here to see people crapping all over hexmag.

  • Cleetus

    Nicholas, next time you want to write an article about hexmag, have a little talk with Nathaniel about why you shouldn’t.

    • Maybe you should explain instead of being passive aggressive.

      • Blake

        Did you not see the expose TFB did on how much of a pr—k the owner was in screwing his brother (and designer of the rifle mags) out of the company?

  • Accurate Okie

    Hell no, you couldn’t pay me to use those pieces of crap.

  • MarcoPolo

    PMAG’s do have witness holes, just not a whole lot of them.