Browning Expands Black Label 1911-380 Line | SHOT 2017

Browning has expanded their Black Label 1911-380 line this year. The standard Black Label and Black Label Pro pistols (with G10 handles and enhanced sights) will now come in a Compact version. The new Compact barrel will measure 3.625 inches, as opposed to the full size 4.25 inches. By reducing barrel length Browning has provided a more user-friendly concealed carry pistol in my opinion. The original full size 1911-380’s were nice, but just seemed a bit too long for CCW purposes.

The new Black Label Pro Compact felt great. I like it better than the Full Size.

In addition Browning has added a Black Label Medallion Pro 1911-380 and Medallion Pro Compact. The Medallion Pro pistols will have checkered Rosewood grips with a golden Browning stag emblem embedded in the middle. The Medallion Pro pistols will also come with a blackened stainless steel slide finish, with silver brush polished flats.

The Medallion Pro slide finish and grips help it stand out in the series.

Black Label 1911-380 Features

  • Composite frame with 7075 aluminum subframe and slide rails
  • Rust resistant barrel, with target crown
  • Locked-breech action
  • Single-action, skelotonized trigger
  • Combat style hammer
  • 1911 grip safety
  • Ambidextrous manual safety lever
  • Black Label – Fixed combat sights
  • Black Label Pro – steel 3-dot combat sights, or dovetailed night sights
  • Black Label Medallion Pro – steel 3-dot combat sights, or dovetailed night sights
  • 3-slot Picatinny rail option on Black Label Pro ($30.00 extra)
  • ABS carry case included.

The Black Label 1911-380s have their namesake 1911 controls, with an extended beaver tail grip.

Black Label 1911-380 Specifications

  • Overall Length: Full (7.5 inches); Compact (6.875 inches)
  • Barrel Length: Full (4.25 inches); Compact (3.625 inches)
  • Weight: Full (17.5 ounces); Compact (16.0 ounces)
  • Width: 1.13 inches
  • Trigger Pull: 5.5 pounds
  • Sight Radius: Full (5.375 inches); Compact (4.75 inches)
  • Caliber: .380 ACP
  • Capacity: 8+1
  • Magazines: (2) single stack┬ásteel
  • MSRP Black Label: $669.00 Full or Compact
  • MSRP Black Label Pro Full or Compact: $799.00 (3-dot); $879.00 night sights
  • MSRP Black Label Medallion Pro Full or Compact: $799.00 (3-dot); $879.00 night sights.

The Black Label Pro Compact has the best G10 grips of the line.

When Browning released the Black Label 1911-380 at SHOT Show 2015 I was able to handle and shoot the pistol on the range. Despite its small profile I had no trouble getting a good grip, with just a slight portion of my pinky finger over the grip’s edge.

The Black Label 1911-380 shot very well, with a nice crisp trigger and reasonable reset. There were no malfunctions during my shooting or with the others shooting around me. Recoil was very manageable, and the safety lever and magazine release were easy to access. Of all three, the Black Label Pro, with G10 handles, still feels the best in my hands.

The new Black Label Medallion Pro Compact, with Rosewood grips.

Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at


  • Lee Attiny

    Its has a polymer frame?

    • Yes, but with a 7075 aluminum sub-frame for support and stability.

  • Jack Morris

    I’m glad to see Browning expand this model! It fits in my little carny hands like I designed it for myself. I haven’t been able to pick one up yet since I’m in the process of buying a house, but it’s comforting knowing they are moving forward with this model instead of letting it fall off into obscurity. On a side note, this is the only time I’ve ever liked the appearance of wood grips on a polymer framed gun. Browning is doing it right! All of it!

  • Dave Webster

    Ill take “things nobody asked for” for 200, alex

    • Jack Morris

      Pretty sure women and men with small hands have been calling for smaller guns for years. I wish every company would come out with their own version of miniature-full-sized pistols. Shortening the barrel and the grip frame isn’t enough. Sure; it conceals better, but the real issue for folks like us is the the distance between the backstrap and the trigger face.

      • rrdonovan

        I have an old LLama 380. It is sweet. All steel. Shoot it from time to time just to relax, and get the itch out. Nope, not a fan of plastic guns….

  • TechnoTriticale

    So the laser solution for these is to get a rail model?

    I’d guess that they don’t have the same grip geometry and screw spacing as the SA EMP3, which might otherwise allow use of the CT LG-912/L.

    Perhaps the biggest surprise of Shot17 so far is the lack of new grip laser announcements, now that the early CT patents are expiring.

  • Shankbone

    These have a polymer frame? I already own an LCP with a broken trigger guard, but thanks for getting my hopes up.

  • Colonel K

    I wonder how much this polymer pistol would list for if it didn’t have “Browning” engraved on it.