Zenith/MKE MP5 and HK93 Clones | SHOT 2017

In this episode of TFBTV, Paul with Zenith Firearms discusses the new and existing line of the MKE roller-locking rifles, including the MP5 and HK93 clones in 9mm and 5.56mm/.223 respectively. As many viewers may know, Zenith imports the MKE roller-locking rifles from Turkey, which is where they were originally made under license from H&K on H&K machinery in the MKE factory.

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  • xebat

    So if you want to buy a brand new HK Mp5 clone that is as close to the original as possible the Mp5 clone Zenith offers is the one to go with ?

    • mark

      If you want to spend more money you can buy a Dakota Tactical. I imagine the Dakota has a better finish and maybe some unique variant features if you’re after those.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I recently got a Cetme L from HMG and the recoil impulse is like a 10/22. It makes an AR seem like it has heavy recoil. The reliability isn’t there.

    I wonder if this Zenith being of a similar design has the same recoil impulse. If so add a red dot or low power variable and a light and you’ve got a soft shooting gun that you can get some serious work done with.

    Plus and SBR version would bring me close enough to my StrikeBack fantasies.

    • Weaver

      What reliability issues are you experiencing with your cetme l? I’m only asking because I’m in the process of building the LC version.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        Light strikes, failures to feed, Even some misfires. I’ve got close to 150 rounds through the gun now and probably 300 failures of some sort. A lot of those were with DSG and OKAY USGI magazines with Magpul followers.

        It shipped with a brownells magazine with a standard follower and that runs much better. I went from more failures to feed than rounds shot to 2-4 failures a magazine loaded to 20 including light strikes. I’ve had 1 misfire with since using these magazines. a lot more before.

        I’m calling misfires when the hammer drops but no mark on the primer.

        I’ve run those for the last 80 rounds and there are fewer failures to feed. When I get one I pull down on the magazine and it fixes it 50% of the time. The failures to feed occur when loading and firing. I’m guessing this has something to do with the Magwell geometry.

        I suspect the misfire are because the recoil spring is weak and doesn’t get the bolt locked in place. The light strikers a weak hammer spring. I’ve been in contact with HMG and they said this has been a common issue.

        • I’ll guess that you watched Ian and Karl’s videos about some of their adventures and solutions in building those CETME L’s?

          • Harry’s Holsters

            Yes Karl even commented a few suggestions and HMG reached out when they heard about them. I think I’m having the same issues as Karl but it seemed worse with my gun. I haven’t tried finding an 8mm lebel case yet haha. I’ll let HMG send me some replacement springs once shot is over.

    • forrest1985

      Wheres the “strikeback” part come in, I don’t recall seeing a Cetme in the show?

      • Harry’s Holsters

        HK G3k. The Cetme L has a very gentle recoil impulse which I like and I’m hoping the 556 zenith is similar. On one season or episode of striker back they have HK G3k’s with a specific african hand guard. Very cool guns that came from a South African prop supplier. Not quite the same but close enough for my current budget. I’ve got no practical use for a 12inch 308 and probably wouldn’t even shoot it but I would shoot the 556.

  • Maxpwr

    I like their products, but until Trump overturns Bush and Clinton’s import bans, the rifles they had on display won’t be imported. They advertised their rifles on their web site a year ago, but they pulled them off because ATF wouldn’t approve them. The only MKE rifle imported was the short lived ATI AT-94A2 which slipped in on an administrative error because they thought the pistol grip and stock were one piece, but then later decided was an actual pistol grip.

  • LazyReader

    Not paying H&K prices, especially for Turk made guns. All that if you can put aside buying from Sunni Muslims who likely hate your guts.

  • Jirka Kýhos

    I think, G3 grandpa was more Gerät 06H. MG42 is fully locked, Gerät 06H is half-locked.

  • Stan Darsh

    Why ignore the MPT-76 on the top row?

    • forrest1985

      I was hoping they’d get to that and they just ignored it!

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Great link!