Strike Industries MP5 Upper Kit | SHOT 2017

You know that MP5 sub gun upper that has been floating around the internet? We got a chance to handle those 3d printed prototypes and get more information about what they are and what the future holds for them.

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  • Giolli Joker

    Ok! Roller delayed!!! (Although he says locked…)

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I can’t wait to see what the MSRP will be. That’ll dictate my interest in this product.

  • Lowe0

    I’d be interested if it weren’t for that logo. Yeah, someone makes this comment on every Strike post, but a US-made 9mm sub or carbine is something I’m specifically shopping for right now, so my money is actually going where my mouth is.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      They are not in production. You should watch the video.

      • HSR47

        It seems to me that his bigger concern is the fact that part of Strike Industries’s logo appears to be eerily similar to a the unit marking of a particular paramilitary organization from Germany during the second world war.

  • Blake Allen

    Hey Patrick, what’s that rifle in the background, right in between you two? The one with the charging handle in the forend?

    • SI

      SIAR, the piston rifle. Ver. 2.

  • Q: What’s the going price range for the MP5 lowers?

  • aka_mythos

    For those of us who don’t know much about MP5’s… Can someone chime in? -It seems like this only makes sense if MP5 lowers are plentiful and uppers are not. Otherwise, besides looking modern and cool, what’s the point?

    • Mmmtacos

      What I find interesting is that SI has never sold a “firearm” (as per the ATF’s definition) as far as I’ve known. The upper receiver on an MP5 platform is the registered part of the gun, so no, they’re not terribly common since anyone can make them. However they are not easy to produce either: stamped from steel, pressed with a jig, welded with a jig and finally coated.

      That part is probably the most difficult, followed by the pressing of the barrel into the trunnion. Which brings up that point: how is that handled? I saw three Allen head screws on the upper in the video. So how it holds in the barrel and/or trunnion is a mystery to me.

      Everything else should be relatively easy requiring regular tools in order to assemble the weapon. With those two aspects taken care of, this could potentially be an easier weapon to build than an AR. Parts aren’t exactly super expensive either, as long as you’re not concerned that they’re original HK parts.

      At least, that’s what I got off it. Again, I’m no MP5 expert, but I’ve looked into them here and there and entertained the notion of building or buying one.

  • TheUnspoken

    Since the receiver is the firearm (you would say the upper in AR world but the receiver isn’t split like an AR) I liked that you can change the rail length. Assuming you don’t need a gun smith to press the barrel in like an mp5, you might be able to buy one “gun” and reconfigure it over time by changing barrel lengths or rails, to go from a K size to full-size, SD type or rail over surpressor. Interested in price and details, might be good for take offs from a zenith pistol or other import if you are swapping in 922 parts you might end up with extra trigger groups, bolt carriers, etc. Or another option for a build your own PCC.

  • DAN V.

    Make one for my MP5 .22, with a rail tht covera that stupid fake can!

  • Adam W

    I know nothing about MP5’s… I have a post sample I got for cheaper than a clone and it is fun as balls!!! Not sure I would pay more than a few hundred for a semi auto version. It is kind of a turd when you are not trying to break the roller retaining clips with silly long bursts.

  • Mack

    will this take the orginal bolt and barrel?