Lithgow Atrax F90 Update | SHOT 2017

I met up with Josh Whi of Lithgow Arms. They just got ATF approval and the big question last October, at Big 3 East, was “what part will be the firearm?” ATF has approved the barrel housing to be the registered part.

At SHOT 2017 they showed off a CQB model with a 360mm (14.17″) bbl.



CQB vs Rifle Atrax F90


On top of the ATRAX F90 is a Trijicon MRO Patrol. It was made to accept covers and kill flash by Tenebraex.

Lithgow USA expects 200 guns in about three months. Stay tuned for more.


Nicholas C

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  • andrey kireev

    Nice ! When is F90 slated for production ?

  • UWOTM8

    Three months?
    Sounds like saving for my distant retirement is gonna have to wait…

  • RSG

    Trijicon MRO pro?!?!?

  • Harry’s Holsters

    200 guns? 4 per state that won’t last a week when people here of the limited availability.

  • Malthrak

    I’m super interested in these, but I’m going to assume that even if they do get any on the market this year, it’ll be 2018 or 2019 before they’ll be obtainable for most people.

  • robert matthews

    Not very impressed by this F90 thing..would prefer M4…Apparently New Zealand Army does too…F88 F90 are squat bulky, not ergonomic…F90 has improved the sight which was previously fixed, and difficult to use…WithThe bullpup design you feel the recoil more, and you have to put the stock higher up onto your shoulder to be able to see through the scopes you only have the bottom half of the buttplate against your shoulder..Bullpup design makes it harder to clear a jam, and slightly more dangerous in event of breech misfire/rupture…the rifle shoots as well as a M4,rifles cartridges etc very much the same…but M4 has a much better feel to it…This F90 really shouldn’t have been considered by Australian Army…When they had the SARP small arms replacement program back in the 80’s…All the army wanted the M16A2,and derivatives, but Australia couldn’t get a manufacturing licence to make it at Lithgow,we could buy as many rifles as we wanted but no manufacturing licence..And they wanted to keep Lithgow factory running….So we got as a Defence dept bureaucratic solution.. the Steyr ,which cost a lot for the licence to manufacture, tooling etc, resulting in a gun that wasn’t very good, and quite costly..Considerable Australian ingenuity had to be put into the process to make what it is today, and it still isn’t that good….I wouldn’t buy one….Personally had I been running the SARP I would have just made revised/improved/updated copies of the AK and the MG42.
    resulting in very good weapons with proven battlefield reliability, and no manufacturing licence needed….Recently the NZ army said they wouldn’t buy any more of these F90’s from us preferring to get M4’s made for them by Lewis (?) machine tool company…They reckoned the F90 wasn’t good enough…I agree

    • DIR911911 .

      so . . . you prefer the aug , got it.

    • iksnilol

      Umm.. AUG sight hasn’t been fixed since the A1. The A2 made the sight removable and replacable with a rail.

      NZA replaced their AUGs since they were gen 1 and 2 AUGs still in service. That’d be like the US replacing their M16A1s and original M16s… AKA, something that should’a been done a long time ago.

      • robert matthews

        Hi well I really wasn’t impressed by the AUG,as I said I found it squat, bulky,and not ergonomically adjustable.
        I had to bend my neck to squint through the scope, and in doing so,I had to put the buttplate higher on my shoulder than it should have been, the bullpup design meat that i felt the recoil more than on the Armalite. the rifle wasn’t lighter even though it was all plastic…I feel that this isn’t a good design to start with….Whereas the AR and AK have been through a considerable design evolution, and as such are better.

  • Chipsa

    So, as I expected, the barrel housing is the registered part, just like on an AUG. Which makes all the quick change they were hyping earlier pointless, because you can’t easily just get a new barrel.

  • Al Wise

    Don’t hold your breath on the price.

  • Jacob Heath

    I’ve been saving for this for quite sometime now. I really hope we get more info soon… MSRP, official release, more specifics on the rifle. If this turns into another MDR with delays and price increases, I may explode.

  • User

    They really should make the mag release larger, i have an AUG and its a pure pain to use…

  • Blake

    What MRO mount is that in the second picture of the article (the one with the disassembled 14″ barrel)?