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Jotto Gear Home Defense Cabinet

Jotto Gear Home Defense Cabinet

Jotto Gear has a clever gun cabinet that combines concealment and security. The NRA Home Defense Cabinet conceals a two-gun (one pistol and one rifle or shotgun) storage cabinet within a home wall behind a sliding mirror. This keeps casual observers from even being aware of the presence of the guns while keeping them conveniently ready and quickly available if needed.

When the mirror is slid aside, though, is where the security begins. Both guns are securely locked in place, and only a fingerprint scan on a government-level biometric scanner will release them. The scanner holds up to 99 fingerprints, so any authorized people can get access while keeping the guns out of the hands of intruders, burglars, and even kids.

The scanner sends an unlock code to the firearms locks, so bypassing security is not a simple matter of electrically jumping the system.

One-gun models of the NRA Home Defense Cabinet are available, as are models that utilize keys instead of the biometric scanner. The NRA Home Defense Cabinets can be installed by the homeowner. They retail for $850 (2-gun biometric) or $750 (single-gun biometric).

Jotto Gear NRA Home Defense Cabinet (interior)

Jotto Gear NRA Home Defense Cabinet (interior)

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  • Keiichi

    Now that’s an innovative idea. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of concealment furniture, but treating it like a wall safe behind a mirror is interesting.

    • Ross

      And yet still somehow $500 more than what they need to be to actually sell. How do we go from $100 for a top end biometric pistol vault to this? I can’t imagine the mirror and extra steel is all that much more cash.

      For a lot less than $750 I can get a small safe for the bedroom that isn’t so concealed but will fit in a closet.

      What company had that corner safe that was biometric and setup for a pistol on the top shelf and an AR or similar below- sat in the corner for a slick HD setup – that thing was somewhere in the $350 neighborhood I want to say.