Inland Mfg’s T30 .30 Cal Carbine Sniper | SHOT 2017

Inland Manufacturing showed off their new T30 .30 Caliber Carbine Sniper at the 2017 SHOT Show. It’s based on the T3 sniper rifle that was developed back in 1944 by Inland. Inland Manufacturing has come out with a few other WWII era reproductions including their Jungle M1 CarbineM37 Trench Shotgun and the Advisor M1 Pistol. The original T3 sniper was an M1 Carbine with a modified receiver and a scope mount that was welded onto it. The new T30 from Inland Manufacturing uses an integrated mount and Redfield style scope rings. The new T30 also has an 18″ barrel, push button safety and a conical clamp-on flash hider.

The new T30 comes with or without a scope. The optional scope is a vintage styled M82G2 sniper scope by Hi-Lux with a post and cross hair reticle. Externally the scope looks like the original ones from WWII and the Korean War, internally they’re re-engineered with modern high quality multi-coated lenses and 80MOA of windage and elevation adjustment.

The new Inland Manufacturing T30 retails for around $1,695 with the scope and $1,279 without the scope and comes with a 10 round magazine. Check out for more info.

Vintage styled M82G2 scope by Hi-Lux

The M82G2 scopes post and cross hair reticle

The T30’s clamp-on flash hider

The T30 without the scope

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  • JSmath

    What about the model with the scout rail and what looks like a thread on flash cone? Has that been out already?

  • Phil Hsueh

    Nice, something that’s actually CA legal right out of the box.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    This would be a really fun gun to shoot at 2-300 yards on steel or bottles at 100 yards. But that prices is a little hard to swallow.