FN M249S Para | SHOT 2017

FN M249S Para FDE

FN M249S Para FDE

Last year some of the most-talked-about guns were the three in FN’s new Military Collector Series, and the darling of the trio was the M249S civilian SAW. For 2017, FN is expanding the line to include the FN M249S Para, the SAW designed for paratroopers.

In military use, the Para model SAW has become increasingly popular as troops are spending more and more time riding in and jumping out of vehicles. Combat ops in built-up areas usually occur at shorter ranges where the shorter barrel of the para isn’t much of a detriment to accuracy.

With the success of the civilian model of the standard M249, it was a no-brainer to build a civilian para model. Like its long-barreled brother, the M249S Para is a semi-auto that fires from closed bolt but is otherwise a near-copy of the government model.

It has a machine gun grade 16.1-inch barrel, flip-up feed tray, integrated bipod, and the adjustable telescoping and rotating buttstock. It has an overall length of 31.5 inches to 37 inches and weighs in at a hefty 16 pounds, slightly lighter than the FN M249S Standard. It can use linked ammunition or a standard magazine.

Like the M249S Standard, the M249S Para has a top cover with an integrated MIL-STD-1913 rail for optics or other accessories, a folding carrying handle, crossbolt safety, non-reciprocationg charging handle, and quick-change barrel capability.

The FN M249S Para has an MSRP of $8,799 in black and $9,199 in flat dark earth.

FN M249S Para

FN M249S Para

Murdoc with an FN M249S Para FDE

Murdoc with an FN M249S Para FDE

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and GunPundit.com.


  • Whostheboss

    Don’t tell me to “start the discussion” Disqus… you’re not the boss of me!

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      But you just did…

      And would you look at that. She told me to join and I just did too.

  • Hal P.

    I guess they don’t plan on selling too many of them at that price

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    These look extremely awesome. When I unearth 8 grand that I cant think of something practical to do with, this will be on top of my list.

    But, unless I am wrong about the 249 specifically (Ill admit Im not very educated on it so correct me if I am), I thought it was pretty well established that a shorter barrel (within reason) does not decrease accuracy and could theoretically increase it.

    Though Ill admit that the higher muzzle velocity from the longer barrel decreases bullet drop at range and also increases the lethality of the round.

    • Justin

      I think the lethality had more to do with the ability to drop belts of ammo into the target area until the barrel turned red then swapping the barrel and doing it again.
      I’m just wondering if it jams like the military version if you try to use a magazine instead of the disintegrating belt.

      • MeaCulpa

        The magazine well on the M249 is probably the most useless thing ever installed on a gun, never seen a 249 working properly with a magazine for any duration of time so I can’t figure out why they don’t just drop the magazine well all together.

    • Anonymoose

      Well, heck, a semi-auto M240 is only 13k if you want something to save up for…

      • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

        I know a guy who once had enough cash saved up to buy a transferable M60, but his wife thought a car and down payment on a house was a better idea.

  • VanDiemensLand

    9k Buys an awful lot of other cool stuff….

  • LazyReader

    “model SAW has become increasingly popular as troops are spending more and more time riding in and jumping out of vehicles” for something that weighs near 20 lbs, it’s not something you like jumping around lugging, not to mention all the field reports of repair especially when soldiers were seen holding the weapon together with duct tape.