FLIR’s Newest Products Revealed | SHOT 2017

At the FLIR party, they brought along some of their latest products. One of them was a quad copter drone fitted with a FLIR thermal camera about the size of a GoPro.


The coolest thing was the Thermo-Sight RL rifle scope. it features USB-C compatiblity as well as blue tooth to pair with their FLIR app. The sight can record 1000 still images or a couple hours of video.


We were on a balcony outside of the Tao Asian Bistro. Here is a video I shot looking through the thermal sight.

@Flir #shotshow2017 #thermalvision this is like cheating. #flirshotshow2017party #lasvegasnightlife

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For those that do not know, FLIR purchased Armasight. They are taking the higher end night vision and thermal from Armasight, adding their Boson Camera Core. Below is a gen three white phosphorus night vision monocular by Armasight.

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  • MikeSmith13807

    I want that drone so bad! Perfect for scouting for hogs at night.

    • Machinegunnertim

      Exactly what I’ve been saying for a long time. Why has it taken so long to introduce this?

      • Henrik Bergdahl

        Saw a guy on youtube with a remote controlled plane he could fly in holding patterns with a remote gimbal controlled thermal camera. He just pointed an ir laser at the hogs from the plane and a pickup with a tower/highseat on the back went there with guys using AR10s with thermals on them. Pewpew extermination.

        • Machinegunnertim

          Awesome!! I gotta find that video.

        • Machinegunnertim

          I’m unable to find that video. Got a link or description I can use?

          • Henrik Bergdahl

            I believe they called themselves lousiana hog control or something similar.

  • BeoBear

    I wonder if I can multitask that drone….

    Utilize the FLIR camera on the drone to work as a helmet mounted thermal optic device and then when it’s time to search for hogs I just hit the button and launch it off my helmet! When the mission is over it auto flies back and docks back on top of my ACH and because it’s a Kevlar helmet my melon is perfectly safe in case of a crash. I’m not sure these guys have considered the true potential of this quadcopter so I have no doubt they will be contacting me any time to discuss my royalties.

    WAY BETTER than one of those silly beanies with the propeller on top 🙂