Dedicated Beretta 1301 Tactical Co-Witnessing Aimpoint Mount | SHOT 2017

At the Beretta booth, I saw a Beretta Tactical 1301 with a distinct optic mount. It is something new by Aridus Industries. The mount is a dedicated Aimpoint mount. It lowers the Aimpoint so that the iron sights co-witness thru the Aimpoint. It looks like the mount replaces the factory rear sight and has an integrated rear peep sight.


No word on availability or pricing.

Nicholas C

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  • DrewN

    I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on a 1301, anyone have an opinion?

    • Flounder

      They are awesome. Super light. Although The one i like the most is the 1301 comp NOT the tactical. It’s a little longer and doesn’t have the ghost rings. Recoil is lighter than a pump…

      Although The one i used had to be broken in at first and wasn’t 100 percent starting out.

  • Bradley

    I am no expert, but I just don’t get the total cowitness. Sure I can see how it’s better than iron sights only. I just don’t get having a front and rear sight aligned with your point of aim that you are supposedly not using. If you don’t want, or can’t have, flip up sights it would seem to make more sense to me to have them on a slightly different plane. That way they’re more or less out of the way, but you can still readily align with them. Otherwise if you have to pretty much have to have your eye aligned with the irons to use the dot then why not just use the irons.

    • Flounder

      You can see it in the dark? On this shotgun i see no gain what so ever. Although with flip up sights it is nice, if only because you get the exact same cheekweld every time.

      But i’m with you on it being weird to have fixed irons and a fixed optic perfectly cowitnessed.

    • Nicholas C

      Clearly you havent shot with co-witnessing red dots. Red dots dont have as much of an issue with parallax like irons do. If your head is shifted a little to one direction, your irons do not line up. But the red dot stays on the target.

      Also you do not have to always look thru the irons. In some cases you can look above them or around them.

      Red dots also work better and faster than irons since you can focus down range rather than focus on front sight.

  • iksnilol

    Unpopular opinion: I don’t like co-witnessing if the irons can’t flip down.

    I mean, why bother with a red dot only to remove one of its primary advantages (field of view)?

    • Tom K

      Having actually handled the gun it wasn’t an issue at all. FOV is fine and you still have irons just in case.