ATEi Roland Special Package for your GLOCK 19 | SHOT 2017

Roland Special GLOCK 19 from AETi

Roland Special GLOCK 19 from AETi

If you know what the Roland Special is then you know that it is considered the ultimate handgun for gunfighters in some circles. No one offers a Roland Special to the general public, if you really want one you must put together a package on your own, sourcing the various components and then sending parts and/or guns out to receive the customization that this gun entails. Now ATEi is offering a way to get your hands on your own version of the Roland Special with very little muss and fuss. You simply send ATEi a GLOCK 19 and $2,300. They will provide all the rest you need for the ultimate gunfighters pistol.

The Roland Special can be built by AETi on the Gen4 or the 3rd Generation GLOCK 19 and includes:

Custom Pro Cut Slide Milling for Trijicon RMR
Half Top Front Serrations
Enhanced Rear with added Front Side Serrations
Slide Refinishing in Black Nitride
Trijicon RM06 RMR (3.25 MOA Red dot, Adjustable)
Ameriglo Suppressor Height Sights Black
KKM Precision Match Barrel with Comp
Overwatch D.A.T.2 trigger
Factory Minus Connector
TangoDown Vickers Slide Release & Magazine Release
GLOCK Stipple Package (360 Stipple, Trigger Guard Undercut & Front Index points)
Raven Freya Magwell
Sure Fire Light X300 Ultra

The Roland Special is said to give the GLOCK a soul and it is claimed that the RS will allow the gun to be as accurate as a gunfighter can be, allow for faster, fumble free reloads, and decreases split times substantially from non-compensated pistols. This package has the added effect of your pistol light’s lens staying carbon free when shooting.

If you need a Roland Special GLOCK 19 of your own contact AETi at or go see them at the Battlecomp/AETi booth number 20066 at SHOT.



Scott is a firearms enthusiast and gun hobbyist whose primary interest is the practical application of gun ownership. In addition to contributing to The Firearm Blog, he hosts and blogs for The Firearms Podcast, a podcast and blog about gun stuff by gun people. Scott is a 20-year veteran of the USAF and been a member of his base, state and the All Guard marksmanship teams. He can be reached via email at


  • Hoplopfheil

    I can’t decide if ridiculously modified guns look more like Ricer Civics, or donked out Box Chevys.

  • Bruce

    Great pistol, now all I need is a custom holster to stick it in and gain 40 pounds so it’ll fit on my hip.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I’ve been carrying a 19 with an X300 for the past month and it’ll not bad at all. The biggest issue is the lack of ready to ship or low lead time AIWB holsters. There are multiple holsters out there that will do the job. I’d suggest the Armadillo Concealment LUX for currently available holsters. They ship in 2-3 week last I checked. Raven dealers have Roland Special Pankcake style OWB holsters available. We’ll have holsters out that will fit this style setup in the next couple of months.

      • ??
        • Harry’s Holsters

          It’s a good product but for max concealment I’d want a claw for AIWB carry. This really doesn’t offer anything that the Armadillo Concealment Lux of Henry Holsters AIWB Light bering holster don’t do except the henry holsters holster doesn’t have an optic cut. I also light full protection around the slide because I like to run my carry holster in classes where the gun can get a little hot.

          • ??


        • Nick

          That’s what I use for my 17 w/TLR and I love it. I had the Xfer from Armordillo for my X300 and probably would’ve gotten it again but the lead time sucked. Big Tex had the Vanguard in stock ready to ship.

    • Tim

      It’s as long as a Glock 34 and the grip is still 19 sized, it’s not that goddamn big. Anyone who can carry a fullsize 1911 should have no trouble with this.

  • Tim Pearce

    That needs more stuff hanging off of it.

  • Garmanarnar

    “If you know what the Roland Special is than you know that it is considered the ultimate handgun for gunfighters in some circles.”

    Uhh. What circles?

    • If you have to ask, you’re not cool enough.

      • Garmanarnar

        It’s a point of pride that I don’t run in the mall ninja circles.

        • Primary & Secondary is the opposite of mall ninja in ever metric conceivable

  • DIR911911 .

    who the hell is roland???

    • Hoplopfheil

      Wielder of Durendal!

    • Phillip Cooper

      The headless Thompson gunner.


  • John H

    Roland is the headless Thompson gunner.

  • Disarmed in CA

    Not to be confused with .460 Rowland

    • Brett

      Or 960 Rowland.

  • dlh0

    My Glock 19 works just fine, as-is, thank you very much. I can think of MANY, MANY better things to do with $2300.

  • Oh joy more $3k Welfare Open guns!

  • “You simply send ATEi a GLOCK 19 and $2,300.”

    What part of parting with $2300 to mod a $450 gun is simple?

    • BaconLovingInfidel

      The tears.

  • Gregory Hines

    Sounds a lot like Roland Deschain.

  • Colonel K

    Roland was a Paladin of Charlemagne. Durnadal was his sword, said to have been handed down by God Almighty. It still didn’t keep him from getting whacked. Neither will this Han Solo blaster wannabe.

  • Noah Bergeron

    I love it, and am in the process of making my own. It’s interesting to see which parts and modifications ATEI has chosen to use.

    I love a project gun, but the one-stop-shop nature of this seems to ease barriers to entry for interested people. I wonder how long it’ll take until more glock modification companies offer dotted, comped 19s.

    • There is like 1000 already

      • Noah Bergeron

        I’m sorry, I feel like I should have been more specific.

        As I understand the article, ATEI will procure and install all the small parts, do the grip/stipple work, do the slide and RMR cuts, include the barrel with comp, and provide the electro-optics; that all is required of the customer is to provide the gun and the money.

        I could certainly be very wrong, but it seems that making the Roland Special that level of “easy” for the customer is new in the market. The layout is very similar to my own, except that I’m using a Salient mag well and the factory connector.

        I do wonder if the Gadget/Striker Control Device will become common on these guns.

  • If you know what the Roland Special is than you know that it is considered the ultimate handgun…

    If you know what the Roland Special is THEN you know that it is considered the ultimate handgun…

    Do not allow gun grabbers to characterize us gun rights defenders as illiterates.

  • Joe Gamer I just can’t wrap my head around spending $2k+ on a $450 pistol…

  • maodeedee

    For years people have been saying how ugly Glocks are. Compared to this abomination, my Gen2 Glock 19 is a thing of great beauty. I know that it’s probably a very accurate gun, but couldn’t they have accur-ized it without uglifying it? And couldn’t they find a more compact light to hang on it?