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Taurus Spectrum

Ever since the gun leaked onto the internet a few weeks ago, the Taurus Spectrum has been a topic of conversation in many online gun forums. People have speculated about the new pistols and weighed in on what they thought of Taurus in general. Now that the SHOT Show is here, I took some time to visit the Taurus booth and find out a little more about these new guns.

Taurus Spectrum

I was able to meet with one of the engineers that helped bring this new gun to market. In a (relatively) concise way, this is what I learned:

  • The Spectrum is the first Taurus gun designed by a US-based team. All prior guns, including the ones made (at least in part) in the USA, were developed by the home office in Brazil. As the rep explained, the difference is profound as all of the team are actual shooters with a wealth of experience with other companies like SIG SAUER, FN and Remington.
  • The Spectrum is not replacing the TCP. Both guns will remain in the company’s line up.
  • This is a striker-fired, true DAO pistol. There is no pre-cocking, etc.
  • The guns feel very good in my hand. Much better than a LCP, TCP or P-3AT.
  • The screw head on the right side of the pistol is not a gun lock, but the take down switch. A dime or screwdriver turns it 45˚ and the slide assembly then comes right off. There are no small pins to wiggle back in place as is common for many small handguns.
  • Yes, a slightly larger 9mm version could be made using the same general design.
  • Right now, there are dozens of color combinations. Simple black guns are available, as are more exotic color combinations. Many will be available to all dealers, while some will be limited runs made for specific distributors who order them. Pricing for the standard colors is about $290 with the limited edition colors having a slightly higher MSRP of $305.
  • Taurus has and continues to work with holster makers for these pistols. As of Tuesday morning, Taurus already had production holsters from four different companies in its booth with several more expected shortly.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the folks at Taurus I spoke with were all very knowledgable about their products and seemed genuinely excited to be working for the company. Several company representatives acknowledged the company’s reputation is less than stellar due to a variety of problems in the past. However, all of them emphasized that things have dramatically changed within the company and they hope to earn the public’s trust and business going forward.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • TDog

    I’m having a hard time figuring out whether I’m looking at a pistol display or the counter at my local Apple store. ;-D

    • Tinkerer

      Taurus. Shoot different.

      • Kdjfbnf

        I hear their.maverick CEO Brazilian Steve Trabajo is a genius!

  • Very neat looking pistol. Good to see a new approach to pistol aesthetics.

  • tiger

    Very neat looking gun. Very non Glock or Sig-ish. Outside the box thinking is typical at Taurus. The .380 Acp market has blown wide open. It seems to be popular with female shooters, over heavier rounds. This Spectrum should appeal to that market segment well. We have come a along way from the PPK as the default .380.

    • Noah Tahl

      I’ll acknowledge the outside the box thinking from Taurus. I just wish they could come up with some inside the box thinking about quality control.

      • tiger

        Having done QC work in the past I think some there are folks more worthy of criticism. Like Samsung or the Takata airbag folks.

        • Noah Tahl

          Those companies are selling firearms in the U.S.? What models should I be looking at?

          • tiger

            Nasa has qc up the ying yang. They still blew up two Shuttles. So where is your perfect gun maker?

  • Harry’s Holsters

    You’d think if the engineers are shooters would put a real set of sights on the gun.

    • Ebby123

      Every gun is designed for a purpose. 🙂

    • Fred Johnson

      This is another last ditch, close range, self defense pocket gun. Most people don’t buy these type of guns to do 25 yard target shooting. Or do they?

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I do. I push my glock 19 with irons to 75 yards every chance I get. I get that point though. But this is the gun people buy and don’t shoot. A shooter wouldn’t design that gun.

    • tiger

      It not a Camp Perry match gun. It is a minute of bad guy in a parking lot gun. Low drag, easy to draw, no sharp edged point shooting defense gun. My old Hi power stock sights were small too.

  • Charlie Rubenstein

    Now if they could just put some real sights on it. 🙁

  • Fred Johnson

    I’m liking the true DAO aspect of this gun.

    I’m not liking the rubber over-molding so much. Especially on the slide.

    In my experience, rubber over-molding wears poorly and deteriorates due to exposure to things like human hands.

  • Noah Tahl

    Several company representatives acknowledged the company’s reputation
    is less than stellar due to a variety of problems in the past. However,
    all of them emphasized that things have dramatically changed within the
    company and they hope to earn the public’s trust and business going

    I seem to recall having heard something similar from Taurus at least a couple of times in the last few years. I am beginning to think they have the TSA’s unofficial motto: Trust us, this time we will get it right.

    • Swarf

      Taurus holds the football and the laces fail before you get to kick it.

      Kel Tec swears they are building footballs as fast as they can, and shows you pictures of what might be a really interesting football, but as you get closer to the one they’ve got, it disappears like vapor.

      Remington used to hold the football for you all the time, but ever since they’ve been hanging out with that Freedom Group dork, they can’t seem to get the laces facing the right way.

      • tiger

        OK, what firm reaches your standards of greatness?

        • Swarf

          Standards of greatness?

          Hell, I’m just looking for affordable not-trash.

          So, Ruger, Mossberg, Savage, Pawn, and Ruger.

          • tiger

            Enjoy their products. They Not free of recalls, defect and designs are not marginally better. But enjoy.

    • Stan Darsh

      I would love to get the chance to go to SHOT just so I could record the reaction of the Taurus rep when I ask why they chose to do business with Mexican cartels and Yemeni terrorists instead of refunding the American buyers of their faulty products even after the lawsuit settlement.

      • Noah Tahl

        Rápido y Furioso

  • Kdjdjxjk

    Looks like the new Jane Bond.gun, she’s from Brazil.

  • cgray

    So, did you check out that new SCCY CPX-3? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.