Soldier Fuel Energy Bars: Developed for the Military, but Tasty Enough for Civilians | SHOT 2017

Soldier Fuel Energy Bars

You maybe have not heard of Soldier Fuel Energy Bars, but you soon will be. They had a booth setup at SHOT Show with some sweet looking rifles on hand as well as their energy bars.

These bars were developed by a marathon runner who had a fond support of our troops.  After being informed that most military men and women were being force fed energy bars chocked-full of trans fats (a direct path to coronary heart disease), the D’Andrea brothers from California decided a change was needed. What they created was a bar that is more evenly balanced for performance for sustained energy. Not like… you got to go do a 30 minute chest workout sustained-energy, but rather, you are defending our country’s freedoms and might need energy for half a day.

If you are one of our nation’s Westpoint cadets you will currently receive a ration of two Soldier Fuel Energy Bars per day until graduation. Being as I am a fitness junkie who does Crossfit (that cult thing), Olympic lifting, and many other things, I obviously had to try one myself. My first impressions were that it was soft yet crunchy. Nobody wants an energy bar you need a Ka-Bar to cut into it or is so soft it crumbles like a sand castle. Secondly, about 2 hours later I was not hungry anymore. Mission accomplished.

Soldier Fuel Energy BarThe men and women I talked to from Soldier Fuel Energy Bars mildly joked that our soldiers should never be h-angry (hungry and angry). We have all felt that feeling of anguish where the only thing you can focus on is your hunger and you are angry because of it. When it comes to our military, that could be dangerous. In combat, their minds need to be laser sharp. They should not be wondering about how to stop their stomach from growling like a German Shepard. Some unique elements about the bar can be seen below:

  • Halal Approved Food – Permissible for those of the Islam faith
  • Kosher Parve – Jewish/Yiddish term for no meat or dairy; Jewish approved food
  • Contains no Meat or Dairy products
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Contains Soy Protein Isolate – easily digests & absorbs into body
  • Whey & Casein (dairy protein sources) NOT Used – Military requires 3 year shelf life for all rations given to soldiers
Soldier Fuel Energy Bars

Soldier Fuel Energy Bar: Chocolate – Nutrition Information

A few things to note from the nutrition information are the protein source and why its important that the bar is Halal approved. Soy protein was used as opposed to meat or dairy because it significantly extends the shelf life of the bar which the military requires. Also, considering what part of the globe our military has most recently been involved with, if the bars are Halal approved they are more widely accepted.

Currently, you can find these bars on Amazon, but they will soon be finding their way into more common nutrition stores like GNC.

The Solder Fuel Energy Bars have won multiple taste tests when compared to similar energy/protein bars in the industry. The next time you plan on packing out for a hike, hunt, trip to the range, or reach for an energy bar, consider these as a viable option.

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


  • EdgyTrumpet

    A halal protein bar, just what the military always needed.

    • xebat

      A kosher protein bar, just what the military always needed.

      • Major Tom

        A gluten-free protein bar, just what the military always needed.

        • Don Ward

          A protein bar that contains no meat or dairy, just what the military always needed.

          • Paul B.

            A protein bar full of (feminizing) soy, just what the military always needed.

  • Midwest Marco

    I just looked up my Amazon order history to check. I first heard of and ordered Solider Bars back in 2013. Have bought both the Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavor. Both taste great. Good for the Go/BugOut/Hike bag.

    • Sunshine_Shooter

      What was the cost per bar back in ’13?

  • Bumblebum

    “If you are one of our nation’s Westpoint cadets you will currently
    receive a ration of two Soldier Fuel Energy Bars per day until
    Good heavens, that’s a lot over a college career if you’re feeding them normally as well. They probably store boxes and boxes of these things in their dorms.

  • L. Roger Rich

    Not worth $5.00. Allah be Praised!! Us Christians want pork fat in it.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    “These bars were developed by a marathon runner who had a fond support of….making a profit.”

    I assume they are not being donated.

    • USMC03Vet

      Military branding to make a buck off appeal to authority consumers. You nailed it. I hope our military isn’t buying this type of junk considering how great MRE already are with their fortified everything with a high calorie count but who knows. I’m have no doubt though that 99% of people that would buy such a product doesn’t require it though and instead are essentially doing a Regina King protein bar weight gain from Mean Girls instead.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I mean if these people are making a superior product at a lower price then I got no problem with that. We live in a capitalistic society.
        But draping fu-king snack bars in the flag to make a profit is kinda cheap.

      • Robert Kalani Foxworthy

        h ever heard of a Hoah bar or a oorah bar?

        • USMC03Vet

          No. That must have been after I got out. I used an energy supplement once the whole time I served and that was for the 20 mile hump at ITB. Wasn’t the toughest hump I’ve been on, but so close to graduation I wasn’t taking any chances.

  • TechnoTriticale

    If Natick ever figures out low carb, and how to put the services on fat metabolizing diets, this product will then be more obviously seen as a mistake. Anyone consuming it today needs to be burning the energy while consuming it, via strenuous activity. If the sugars aren’t immediately burned, they are going to become body fat (via de novo lipogenesis). This is, metabolically, little different from a candy bar (but then that’s true for every “energy” bar on the market).

    SF bars may have no HFCS, but the top 2 ingredients are glucose and fructose; a distinction without a difference.

    They may be trans-fat free, but the fat content is way too low, and the fats present aren’t ideal, appearing to provide excess (inflammatory) Omega 6 linoleic acid from peanut and soy.

    Soy lecithin, an emulsifier, is a probable gut antagonist. Folic acid is a mistake for a significant fraction of the population. The peanut, soy and whey contain other agents and allergens of concern.

    Civilian TFB readers seeking bars, who would like to weigh less and/or avoid optional health problems, might consider Mark Sisson’s bar products. They still aren’t an ideal meal replacement (too low in fat), but they contain vastly more favorable ingredients, and are low carb.

    I would expect a real SpecOps bar to be low carb, high specific fat and include exogenous ketones. If such a thing exists, it’s probably classified, and not found today in post vending machines.

  • USMC03Vet

    How did soldiers ever survive without trans fat and glueton free products?

    • Rock or Something

      Well to be fair, I always wondered how the Army ever survived without cell phones…

  • stephen

    Yea BTDT (Hooah Bars), no thanks.

  • Rock or Something

    They look similar to “Hooah” Bars from back in the day, don’t know if they are the same. They tasted great, but had such a stupid name.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Too much saturated fat and sugar and not enough fiber. I also prefer whey protein over soy protein.

  • Lanfn

    What we need is a Nerd Bar that.makes you smarter.

  • Jim

    What’s next? Starbucks double latte, gluten-free soy cream topping for hydration packs?