Metal Reinforced Feedlip Magazine For CZ Scorpion Evo 3

Prepper Gunner and Manticore Arms collaborated together and are giving what the masses have been demanding for over a year. Metal reinforced feedlip magazine similar to a Lancer magazine like you see for the 5.56 AR mag and MPX magazines.

It got leaked a few days early, so we might as well spill the beans: Manticore Arms has developed a magazine for the Scorpion EVO!

Developed for Prepper Gun Shop by Manticore Arms, the PGS Hybrid magazine for Scorpion EVO features heat treated feed lips and a polymer body. The magazine is 100% made in the USA and counts as three parts for 922r compliance. Available in Clear and Smoke Tint the magazine has a 32 round capacity and has round count markings molded into the body. MSRP is $29.95 and they will be available for purchase at Prepper Gun Shop and their distributors starting in Late February/Early March of 2017.

Come to the CZ USA Shot Show booth to see the magazines in person!

Manticore Arms

While I have not personally experienced issues with my CZ Scorpion Evo mags, I know people have had cracked feedlips. To me, it is like the apex seals on my 3rd Gen FD3S RX7. Many people say they go bad. But I have not experienced it. The problem is many other people see that and it stops them from buying an RX7 or a CZ Scorpion. They don’t get to enjoy them. The Scorpion Mag issue is a minor one. The magazines are inexpensive and easily replaced. Better yet, CZ-USA has been open about replacing bad ones free of charge.

Hopefully these will not have issues and give people peace of mind.

Nicholas C

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  • TDog

    The CZ mags are pretty bad. Personally I’ve had multiple mags – two 20-rounders and one 10-rounder – hold fewer than advertised. They were 19- and 9-round magazines respectively. And this wasn’t a case of not being able to muscle in that last round – there was literally no way to fit another round in short of busting out the bottom plate of the mag.

    • Ebby123

      Do you even lift, bro? 😛

      If you leave them full for a week, the springs will probably set a little and make it easier to load. I haven’t had this problem with the CZ mags, but its a common issue with brand new mags from most manufacturers.

      • TDog

        Have had the gun for months now – problem still persists.

        They must have switched to metric and not told any of us about it. ;-D

        • Ebby123

          I’d try clipping a coil off the spring, or contact CZ for a replacement. Either way, at least its a $20 mag with a problem instead of a $60 mag with a problem.

          • TDog

            Agreed! 😀

  • Steve

    While the CZ mags do have a tendency to crack, they generally continue to feed without issue – this is the part people usually neglect to mention when they whine about this. CZ-USA exchanges the magazines on a 1-to-1 basis but I do think they’ve been a little lazy in updating the design.

    I’ve got all the magazines I need and since the Manticore ones will not be freely exchanged, I’ll wait for a CZ option.

  • Ebby123

    The GEN1 CZ mags had some reported problems with the feed lips fatiguing and eventually cracking.

    So CZ released the GEN2 mags (all current production) that do not have this problem.

    IIRC, CZ will happily replace your gen 1 mags for free with Gen 2 mags if you contact them.

    You can visually tell them apart by the shape of outside of the feed lip corners.

  • Nicks87

    These are going to sell like hot cakes! Hopefully MagPul will take a hint and produce some of their own.