Industry Range Day: Taurus Curve Viridian and Rossi R92 Lever Action Rifle | SHOT 2017

In continuing SHOT 2017 coverage at industry range day, James visits the Taurus/Rossi range to discuss expansions to the Curve line of pistols and the Rossi R92 lever gun line. James tries out the new Curve Viridian in .380, the Rossi R92 lever action in .38spl, and briefly discusses Taurus’ staple 1911.

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James Reeves

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  • Southpaw89

    The R92 has always been on my list, nice to see that its still around.

    • PersonCommenting

      Make sure you handle it in person before you buy it. I saw one the other day and to be fair it was an older model. It just looked off to me. Wasnt very attractive. That one looked a bit better than the one I saw.

      • Paul White

        Mine doesn’t have the prettiest stock but it’s bad either; kind of averageish? But it works fine and it’s fun to shoot

        • PersonCommenting

          The one I saw just had random screws on it. It was odd to me. Sights are really ugly too. Again I think the one I got to handle was old though because this one did look better. Also I hear they are reliable too which is the main thing.

    • Marcus D.

      The stocks are not walnut, but walnut stained “hardwood” which doesn’t look as nice. On the other hand, they are a faithful reproduction of the 1892 Winchester, which is a much stronger and simpler action than the 1873. And they do make a high end version with a case colored frame and a nice end cap on the handguard.They are quite popular, especially since no one else can match their $500ish price point. They come in .38/.357 and .45 Colt in 16, 20 and 24″ barrels. I was looking for one for a while in .357 with a 20″ barrel, but ended up with a used Winchester in .45 Colt for a couple hundred dollars more (made in Japan, nice walnut stock).

      • NKJ92

        Here is some Rossi history. For years dating back to 1975 the made in Brazil Rossi 92 was imported by InterArms of Alexandria VA. Before InterArms about 1968-74 Garcia Corp. of Washington DC imported Rossi. Before that Firearms International of Washington DC imported Rossi in the mid 1960’s.
        InterArms was the first to market the Rossi made 92 as their Puma model. By the late 80’s the machines were wearing out so through the 90’s Rossi 92’s were really rough. The parts were poorly fitted and then terribly over sprung. Rossi’s philosophy was to make the parts slightly too big then rather than hand fit them, just use excessively heavy springs. This saved many man-hours that keeps the prices low. When you picked up one of these guns even before you loaded it you could tell it was very stiff right out of the box. Because of this, these earlier guns Rossi got a bad rep. But, that is also what got me started re-working these guns in the early 90’s. The CAS game was growing big time but the availability of guns for the game was limited.
        About 1999 the owner of InterArms passed away. It is my understanding the heirs didn’t care to continue with the operation of InterArms so the stock on hand was sold off at a reduced price. (I bought new Rossi 92’s at that time for $190). About that same time period, Rossi sold off their gallery gun, the pump 62 and the revolvers to Taurus, so some folks thought there would be no more Rossi 92’s available. I can’t tell you how many people ask me what I was going to do now.
        About this time, around 2000, Rossi completely re-tooled with all new CNC machines. This new machinery has allowed them to make parts better fitted. There are still some that are over sprung but overall the current guns are much nicer than the pre-2000 92’s. About this same time Navy Arms had started importing the Rossi 92’s. The Navy imported Rossi’s all had walnut stocks. In the early 2000’s the ex-employees of InterArms started up Legacy Sports International (LSI) and began importing the Rossi 92 as their Puma. These were the first to have the bolt top safety. LSI was even in the same building as the old InterArms company there in Alexandria Va. and were using the Puma name as the model name, too. Then and I don’t remember exactly, LSI moved to Reno NV.
        During the mid to late 90’s, EMF was importing the Armi San Marco Italian made 92’s, (ASM’s) and had contracted me to do warranty work on those for them. But ASM’s QC was so bad EMF dropped them and ask me to help them decide how the Rossi 92’s should be spec-ed for import as there EMF Hartford 92. From about 2000 to 2006 the EMF imported Rossi 92’s did not have the bolt top safety. From then until 2009 at Rossi’s insistence they did have the bolt safety.
        About 2009 Taurus acquired Rossi and the 92’s and have taken over the distribution under the Braztech name. Both EMF now buys fromTaurus and LSI now carries the Armi Sport/Chiappa 92 but it’s still called the Puma Model.
        The Rossi 92’s are still made by Rossi but imported by Braztech a sub of Taurus USA of Florida.
        I think the bad rep is two fold. The 1990’s guns were really rough. (much better now) Plus All leveraction, pump action and semi-auto guns (long guns or handguns) are ammo length and bullet shape sensitive. But it’s usually not an issue with bottleneck style ammo.
        These these modern straight wall pistol caliber ammo leverguns (all, not just the 92’s) are a lot like semi-auto handguns. There’s just some ammo they aren’t going to work well with.
        Nate Kiowa Jones aka Rossi 92 Specialist

  • Swarf

    Ooh, James! Shoot the teal Taurus next! No, I mean seafoam!

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I wonder what brand Jesse actually carries and has on her night stand?

  • Joe Gamer

    I’m really interested in a Rossi .357, heard a lot of quality control horror stories though…

  • Baggy270

    Have a Rossi 92 in .45 Colt. I load it up to Casull pressures and it’s a shooter! I really wanted the 24 inch hexagon barreled case hardened one but had to settle for the 20 inch regular carbine.

  • Banana Xango

    A better battery? Now the Curve is really going to take off.