Industry Range Day: AimPoint’s New Shotgun-Oriented Micro S-1 | SHOT 2017

In this episode of TFBTV, James has a look at AimPoint’s Micro S-1, a model very similar to previous versions of the Micro, but made especially for high-end shotguns using over-barrel vented ribs. This results in an extremely low-profile optic that nearly co-witnesses with iron/bead sights. As usual, it features AimPoint’s notorious reliability and battery life. James gets to try it out on one of Beretta’s newest autoloading shotguns.

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James Reeves

James Reeves is a licensed and practicing concealed weapons instructor, the winner of Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, a graduate of Front Sight, the Shooter Performance Institute, and Tier 1 Group, and is an Appleseed-qualified Rifleman. James previously owned and operated a gun shop in Tallahassee, FL and worked as a regional sales representative for distributor/importer, Interstate Arms Company. He is a coverage litigation attorney by day. James likes traveling with his wife, boating, America, photography, guns, gear he doesn’t really need, cold beer, and a little exercise here and there (James is also GORUCK Tough). Above all, James enjoys creating content for TFBTV. Follow James on Twitter @jjreeves.


  • I want to know if it can take a standard Aimpoint Micro mount. I think it would be a good optic for USPSA, and Steel Challenge guns.

  • Johnsmyname

    I might be biased because I shoot a lot of shotgun, but I think an Aimpoint would be disadvantageous to shotgun sports. Slugs excluded, most shotgun targets are close up and moving fast. You need to shoot with both eyes open and point shoot. You keep your eyes on the target, not the bead. If you tried shooting everything from trap to 3 gun with a red dot, you’d be at a serious disadvantage. I wonder what their intended target market is? I can see this being good for slugs, or maybe novice shooters that are uncomfortable point shooting or have trouble getting a consistent cheek weld though.