Industry Range Day: Aguila Mini 12 Gauge Shells – A Surprise Hit | SHOT 2017

In this episode of TFBTV, James talks to Aguila’s people about their mini-shells. Although the mini-shells are not brand new, Aguila was pushing them hard (they had distributed several boxes to range day vendors and manufacturers) and they were one of the more talked about products this year. James discusses and shoots what is probably one of the sleeper hits of SHOT Show 2017 – an adorable 1.75″ shotshell.

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  • DonDrapersAcidTrip

    disappointing cause the still frame made it look like mini hell in a box

    • Keiichi

      That would be a DVD copy of Joe Dirt.

      • BlueMarlin Blues

        I believe it’s pronounced Dirtè


  • valorius

    I had a win 1300 defender and the minibuck aguilas worked very well in it, but the mini slugs tended to hang up on chambering because the lead tip extended beyond the shell hull. I would prefer the slugs over the shot shells if they were extended by about 1/4″ to cover the exposed lead tip.

    I ended up running 2 1/4″ 1 1/4 oz brenneke style slugs @1100fps in my winchester 1300 defender because they were 100% reliable and didn’t hang up, capacity was 8+1 with a 18″ barrel.

  • valorius

    A shotgun specifically designed to fire these shells would be a very neat item, but i doubt they’d sell enough of them for it to be economically viable.

    • Bigbigpoopi

      Keltec and the Stevens 320 can fire them as well

    • Sianmink

      A quick short-action pump designed specifically for 1.75″ shells? Would be an interesting project.

  • Avid Fan

    Jackie Stewart called, he wants his headphones back.

  • Avid Fan
  • Edeco

    These would be great if luparas were deregulated. I might still end up needing a cortisone shot but maybe not sutures in the forehead.

  • lawbob

    I liked how you picked up the SBS and shot full sized shells out, while describing how well the Mini shells worked in it.

  • Salty

    ….sleeper hit of 2017…. If you didn’t know that these have been available and produced for prob 15-20 years already…. They dont cycle super great, shorter length causes em to bounce around. Good concept in the guns that feed em though! I’m not hating on em, just not saying they are “new”!

  • Theodore Kennedy

    Saw a post once about an idea for a 1911-style pistol, chambered in mini shotshell; 5 rd, plus one in the chamber… That, or a P90-style shotgun would be big sellers!

    • noob

      would that be a short barreled shotgun? or more like the taurus judge?

      • Theodore Kennedy

        If it were purpose-built like the Black Aces DT-12, it might not be NFA; otherwise, it would be classified as a short bbl shotgun, or AOW.

        • Cymond

          Black Aces avoids NFA by being over 26″ long.
          Something the size of a conventional handgun would be an AOW.

          • Theodore Kennedy

            I stand corrected; the pistol would be an AOW under the law…

  • Nick

    If they were priced accordingly I’m sure they would be a lot of fun but for .70+/rd no thanks. Half sized shells for triple the price (birdshot).

  • BlueMarlin Blues

    James out there rockin that 1000db noise reduction earpro

  • CommonCents

    they don’t work well in many shotguns but work great in the keltec KSG , an AR-ish capacity of 25 rounds 😉

  • JoelM

    Heads up though, don’t buy these if you own a 37mm or 26.5mm flare launcher with a 12ga adapter sleeve. Simply possessing these in conjunction is possession of a destructive device because these shells will fit in the 12ga adapter (that’s designed specifically to be too short to chamber a normal 12ga shell).