ETS New Pistol Magazine Loader

Tim Harmsen of Military Arms Channel posted a brief sneak peek of a prototype magazine loader coming out by ETS Group. It functions similar to the B&T MP5 loader we saw last year. Those types of loaders work just fine for double stack magazines like the MP5. Even the Scorpion Evo has a mag loader. However that loader does not work for pistol magazines like Glock mags. Ramming ammo into a pistol mag that goes from double to single stack is not an easy solution. We saw something posted by Ray called SmitLoad Glock Mag loader. The ETS mag loader can supposedly laod any 9mm magazine, according to Tim Harmsen. He does not elaborate on this but I assume he means 9mm handgun magazines. Hopefully we will find out more next week at SHOT Show.

Nicholas C

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  • joshv06

    Now if they can just get the rounds to actually move up their mags without getting stuck..

  • Really really want!

    Loading 41 round Glock mags can get annoying. And loading with gloves is frustrating.

  • Blake

    Wow I’m so glad I forgot to order the Lula loader I was about to buy where you have to load each round individually like a caveman. Living in California makes this slightly less useful, but will still save a ton of time.

    One random benefit of living in a 10 round-max state is that stripper clips become much more useful. Instead of having to strip 3 clips into a magazine to fill it, it’s full with one clip. I have almost all my 5.56 and 300 BLK ammo stored in stripper clips, ready to go.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Another company had something just like this not too long ago under beta testing, I know B&T made one for the MP5 but a startup had one for common handgun magazines too. Basically the same style but no loading block, you just pushed it against a table edge like the B&T loader. I emailed them not too long ago but it seems dead in the water. Really looking forward to someone getting this idea off the ground, it will be the best thing for loading since MagLULA and they’re the best thing for a range day since cartridge ammunition.