DSA: Modernized FALs and a new SCAR-type FAL Folding Stock | SHOT 2017

James checks in with DSA on the SHOT Show floor, Day One of SHOT. DSA has exciting new offerings on the complete rifle and accessory side.

First, DSA is modernizing their FAL line – “bringing them into the 21st century” – with front-to-back upgrades including titanium materials, sophisticated handguards, and upgrades to the mag release, trigger guard, and top rail. Not to mention DSA’s new SCAR-type adjustable folding stock, which will also be available as a third party option for other FALs.

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  • Major Tom

    I wouldn’t mind an L1A1 SLR type FAL that’s been ultra-modernized for use as a DMR/sharpshooting weapon. Stick a good red dot or low to mid power scope (ACOG?), grip and bipod and maybe a good muzzle brake or flash hider or sound suppressor and good to go.

    I’d just have to wonder, would that mag release allow me to do speedloading AK style still?

  • James Young

    Thing’s freaking awesome…sorry, got a little excited there. I’m sure “awesome” comes with a hefty price tag

  • Robert Harper

    BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! DSA “innovation” my ass! All they’ve done is copy things done by other people on the FAL Files Forum. Here’s a ACR folding stock on one of my FALs and they’ve been out for a few years now. Same thing with the extended mag releases, the hand guard is the only thing that’s sort of new from them. Though AIM Sports of all companies is making a Keymod and M-Lock handgauard for the FAL that will be lighter than the DSA version. DSA should focus on making inspec parts and mags that are worth a damn. Just my 2 cents. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa9a8d2b9efd58f94ef46273a5bc6fd55fa53cdec7a36e3d562b1f51af2efcdf.jpg

    • Steve Berman

      The Aim rail is chinese pot metal no where near as durable as the DSA rail. The ACR cheek piece is hard the adjust and gives little adjustment, this DSA looks to provide much more adjustment so you can use factory irons or a optic that sits very high. I also like that it has many settings and the cheek piece itself stays horizonal not angled like a scar or acr. The Scar stock does adjust fast for lop but the ACR stock requires pinching from both sides its slower and harder to do. This new DSA stock looks to be easy and fast to adjust the lop.

      • Robert Harper

        Actually, most people have found the AIM Rails to be great quality, and much lighter than the DSA rails while being very durable. Most people were wary when they found out that Aim was doing FAL rails but they’ve held up very well. The ACR stock is pretty damn good for what it is, it’s not perfect but it’s by no means a bad stock. Hell, if it was then so many people with SCARs wouldn’t be putting them on their rifles. There was a run of the low mounts so you could use standard sights, as you can see on my rifle that isn’t an issue since I have a railed section filling the normal sight slot. Lucky Irishman Firearms, the guys who made this ACR mount, are working on a low mount to use the standard sights, though most people choose this type of stock to use just optics on the FAL since most of the optic mounts get in the way of the standard sights.

    • Ben

      Dsa mags work great for me in my dsa rifle that also works great. I would like to see some better pistol grip options.

      • Robert Harper

        DSA mags have had a ton of issues running in other FALs as well as some DSA rifles. I have a DSA rifle that only worked with about 3 of the DSA mags I had, thankfully I have a “few” surplus mags and it runs great with those. It’s funny that they talked about that polymer mag like it was theirs, it’s made by a guy from the FAL Files and the Moses Mag works pretty damn well, though I’d rather go to the guy’s website and order direct from him. Pistol grips are kind of limited, I have an ERGO on this rifle and it works pretty well, FAB Defense also makes a grip that seems like it would be nice, but there are people who have modified AR grips since there not too many choices for the FAL.

        • Ben

          I’m curious how old your DSA mags were ? I heard they improved them. Mine are all less than 2 years old. I have a moses mag as well but dont really care for it, even though it works good.

          I don’t really have a problem with the stock grip, but i feel like somebody could make a lot better options. we have like 2 to choose from right now compared to the hundreds of options for ARs.

          • Robert Harper

            I think the newest ones I have are about 2 years old, and those work ok, I have a few others of their that work well, but I had more than a few that I had to toss that were just crap. Sadly the biggest problem that most people have with their FAL jamming is DSA mags, the Moses mags are great, though they do have to be fitted sometimes. I bought a good amount of surplus mags way back in the day so I’m good on mags, though I do wish I could get at least one more .22lr mag for my conversion kit.
            For the most part the FAL grips that are out there are pretty good. I have a PSG1 style grip for the FAL from a company that went out of business a wile ago and that works well, but the FAL’s hay day is sort of over. The parts kits have dried up, not a lot of people are making parts for them, and the people making receivers for them all have issues according to the best builders out there. (And I’ve run into problems with Coonan and DSA receivers) Maybe if parts kits come back in there will be more interest, though there are a lot of people getting into the FAL that want a more modern take on the rifle so there are a few people out there doing small batch parts. Mostly for the ACR stock, extended mag releases and even a .22lr conversion kit that was reverse engineered from the original kits, so if there’s enough interest for new grips I’m sure someone will come up with something.

          • Ben

            I missed out on the cheap fal mags and was not willing to pay what they cost currently if i didn’t have to. The moses mag thing is more preference. I don’t like the way they look in the rifle, and they don’t insert/remove as easily.
            In any case, it’s nice to see new fal accessories being brought to the market.

          • Robert Harper

            I wish I bought a lot more way back when since I only had 2 FALs back then! The surplus mags do some up for a decent price if you buy in large-ish lots every now and then. The Moses mags are a bit odd looking in some rifles, they feel/look VERY odd in my original FN made FAL, but they look good and feel good in two of my FALs that aren’t stock original.
            I’d like to see more FAL parts and accessories out there, I’m just cautious with DSA’s quality control issues.

  • Anonymoose
  • pun&gun

    At first I thought the stock was a shameless ripoff, but if they can actually get the cheek riser to take a set at any location through its range of motion, that’s a substantial improvement. I might actually start saving for one of these.

    • Robert Harper

      I hope it turns out to be a great stock, despite my comment of them grabbing the idea from others. They’re the largest company that’s still in the FAL game and most companies have gotten out in the past few years. (Hell, the Command Arms FAL check piece has become a collectable now like I have on this FAL) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2667cbe08093a7417d13ff1335a4928e4892bc0a50b52d9c5307ff4b952ed6e3.jpg
      From what the DSA rep has said on the FAL Files they should be available pretty soon and at a decent price. With a railed lower and railed gas block using pop up irons with an optic will be much easier using their new stock.

  • Sense Offender

    I’ve been wanting a TI receiver since SHOT last year and I’m still waiting?!?!?!

  • Robert Harper

    Yep, I sure do love that rifle! I was one of the guys that Tbass never got to and had to refund, but I’m glad that someone started making adapters again. Your rifle sure is sweet and I hope I can get mine finished soon, it will look similar to yours since I’m also tossing an Elcan on it, though mine will have a longer barrel and only be semiauto. 🙁

  • d

    release date for the upgrades?