Cool Project Gun – The “Custom Pimp-Gun” by The Yankee Marshall

I have a working theory: the longer one owns firearms, the more likely they are to have a “project gun” (there is also a corollary to this, the longer one has a project gun, the more likely it is to not be completed). It seems that the Yankee Marshall has pretty much confirmed this theory (I only have two data points, me and Yankee) with the introduction and subsequent quick completion of his project Beretta 92 “Pimp Gun.”

Debuted in October, the original firearm was a used Beretta 92 Inox. The weapon was well-used, in fact showing a light polishing on the original matte slide from holster work. From there, various parts had shown were, to put it directly, beat up. The gun had seen better days.

Taking months of careful planning and using some solid gunsmiths and treatment houses, the gun took shape. The planning paid off, with Yankee stating that the majority of the work was under a few hundred dollars.

Say what you will about the various parts choices and the color scheme, to me its always cool when one completes a custom project. I mean, that’s the point, its custom. In this case, the green frame is not to my taste, but the work that went into the highly polished slide and barrel “shine” as great examples of craftsmanship.

Good on you, Yankee.

Now, dear readers, care to provide additional data points to my working theory? How long have you owned firearms? Have project gun? How long has it taken to be completed (if complete)?

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Vhyrus

    Fail. He didn’t use a taurus, hi point, or desert eagle.

  • Paul White

    Not a single neon anything 🙁

    • Hinermad

      The “fire” indicator dot under the safety is bright green. The insets in the grip screws are green also.

      I’m okay with the green safety dot (it’s supposed to stand out after all) but I think amber or topaz would have been better in the screws.

  • RavishedBoy

    A bit flashy (just a bit), but I like it, it’s gorgeous. I think everyone should personalize his own guns.

  • Ratcraft

    It screams “IM GAY”

    • Bart

      The Yankee Marshall is no paragon of masculinity.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      Pimps usually are…

    • RocketScientist

      Hmmm… You seem to spend a lot of effort thinking about what other men do with their penises…. doesn’t that seem, i dunno, gay?

      • Ratcraft

        ? ?

        • Yankee Marshal

          He’s saying only closet homos worry about what things seem gay.

          • Ratcraft

            No, actually I didn’t. I said it’s gay. It is. You can like it all you want. It’s still gay.

  • USMC03Vet

    The result of people giving to his patreon.

  • Disarmed in CA

    I have project hands. Trying to get all the digits working just right.
    Thumb, stay forward, first finger, don’t move until I say! 2/3 fingers grip tight, pinky just hang out there until I need you… ahem . wrist.. lock it up buddy

  • Hoplopfheil

    He could have saved time and money by just buying a factory Pimp Taurus PT-92!

    Nickel finish, gold accents, rosewood or pearl grips (or one of each?) is perfect for a Taurus.

    And you get a much classier look because they don’t have a slide mounted safety.

  • Edison Frisbee

    I like it!

  • Iggy

    But can I trust my custom-pimp with a gun? (Also pearl grips, someone’s heard the Patton quote).

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I hate how much I love this. I saw a Taurus that came like this factory at a gun show and I loved it, as terrible as that is.

  • I’m confused … am I supposed to be impressed or dissed if I’m shot with one of these?

  • Cymond

    I’ve had a Paclite upper for about 6 years, but put off finishing it because it cost almost as much to finish as buying a new Mark 3.
    I bought it intending to swap my Mark 3 parts back & forth between uppers. It didn’t fit on my Mark 3 frame without fitting. I didn’t want to risk damaging the Paclite, and didn’t want to modify the Mark 3 frame because then it wouldn’t fit the factory heavy barrel.

    I just recently bought a 22/45 lower while they’re still available. I still need a bolt.

    Also, I got an AR lower a few months ago that use Glock mags. The litter is complete, and I have a barrel. I still need an upper, handguard, and bolt.

  • Ratcraft

    Yeah yeah yeah the gun is gay Sigmund. Okay. Get over it. It’s gay. Gay guys design that crap.