Ballistic Advantage Barrels | TFBTV | SHOT 2017

Ballistic Advantage produces some rather high-quality barrels at a price that you can afford. With QPQ coated barrels starting at around $140 that still have a MOA guarantee, it is hard not to like what Ballistic Advantage is doing with their barrels.

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  • DrRichardForce

    I got their 18″ Hanson .223 Wylde for myself for Christmas. The thing is beautiful and shoots like you’d want it to. I’m getting .73″ groups at 100 yards with Gold Metal Match. For the price, you can’t get a better barrel.

    Word to the wise, don’t buy directly from them. Their customer service is atrocious. I place my order the week of Christmas (28th I think). They didn’t process the order until the 6th and I didn’t get my barrel until 1/13, even though it was something they stocked. While I was waiting, Granite Ridge put the exact same thing on-sale for $30 less than BA. I emailed BA’s sales and they just responded by with a generic blow off apologizing for the delay. I get that it’s the holidays, but I placed three different orders spaced ~3 days apart with Optics Planet while I was waiting and I got all three before my barrel.

    Bottom line- Excellent product, but don’t buy it direct from BA, you’ll get a better deal faster with better customer service from someone else.

    • Tony Kammerer

      Glad I ordered an 8.3″ Hanson 300 Blackout from Granite Ridge instead of direct. Saved $60 and it was delivered in a week.

  • I got an 18″ nitrided heavy profile barrel from them through Aero Precision (before Aero bought them out entirely) and it is indeed pretty great; more accurate than I am, quick to cool under high volume firing, and you ain’t likely to find anything of comparable quality as cheap as BA barrels can be had by camping Aero’s website and waiting for a sale.