ALG Defense AGT-UL Galil Trigger | SHOT 2017

The other day ALG Defense gave us a sneak peak of their new trigger for the Galil Ace, well they just debuted it today at the 2017 SHOT Show. ALG Defense which is the sister company of Geissele Automatics started out making affordable aftermarket triggers for the AR-15. They’ve since released a few triggers for the AK as well. They’re calling their new Galil trigger the AGT-UL which stands for ALG Galil Trigger-Ultimate with Lightning Bow. It’s a single stage trigger that’s based off their AKT-UL trigger. Their new trigger is machined from alloy steel and features a smoother and shorter trigger pull compared to the factory IWI 2 stage trigger. The new AGT-UL is rated at 3.5lbs. It also has the Lightning Bow that ALG uses on some of their other triggers.

The new AGT-UL trigger works with both IWI Galil Ace rifles and pistols, they’re made in the USA and will retail for $95. For more info check out


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  • westford86

    YES! The awkwardly short trigger of the ACE is by far my biggest complaint about the rifle. I was really hoping someone would reveal an aftermarket option, I’m glad it’s ALG.