Viridian FACT Weapon Mounted Camera | SHOT 2017

Body cameras on law enforcement personnel are a hot topic these days, albeit a very controversial topic. Viridian Weapon Technologies just introduced an on-weapon camera system that can supplement body cameras worn by law enforcement or be used for recording action by sport shooters or concealed weapons carriers.

Labeled as the Fast Access Camera Technology (FACT) system, the light and camera combo mounts to standard rail systems and is about the same size as most pistol lights. Viridian also states that the new technology can be used by concealed weapons carriers to record defensive situations.

On a side note, I’m personally torn on the issue of body cameras and recording devices for law enforcement. In theory, recording encounters should clear up confusion in deadly situations. In reality, it appears that footage depicting difficult, split-second decisions can create more questions than it answers.

In any event, I’m looking forward to some hands on with Viridian’s forward-thinking tech.

From The Viridian FACT Press Release:

Viridian Weapon Technologies officially announced today at SHOT SHOW 2017 a revolutionary new product category that fills a crucial gap, not only within the firearms industry, but for society as a whole. Introducing FACT weapon-mounted cameras for law enforcement, conceal and carry, and self-defense.

“No product introduction at SHOT SHOW 2017 is more relevant than FACT,” said Viridian® President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “FACT can reveal what really happened in situations when a firearm is involved.” Hedeen went on to say, “FACT is not a replacement for a body camera; but with it being uniquely positioned under the muzzle of a firearm, the high definition video and audio captured by a FACT camera may better tell the real story of what occurred. Who knows, the footage might even be powerful enough to stop a riot before it starts.”

FACT [Fast Access Camera Technology] is designed for law enforcement, private security and the legally armed citizen and incorporates Viridian’s proprietary INSTANT-ON® activation to ensure the HD video and audio capture automatically records every time the weapon is out of the holster.

Three different FACT models will be introduced in 2017. 

  • FACT DUTY – Law enforcement, duty-grade model with HD camera, forward facing audio plus 500 lumen taclight for full size firearms. ADMIN data evidence integrity built-in.
  •  FACT COMPACT- Universal rail mounted model with HD camera, forward facing audio plus 140 lumen taclight for compact firearms.
  •  FACT MICRO – Trigger guard mounted model with HD camera and forward facing audio for subcompact/pocket pistols.

Viridian Weapon Technologies will be launching FACTTM weapon-mounted cameras at SHOT SHOW 2017 at booth #653.









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  • TheNotoriousIUD
    • AC97

      Nothing to see here…

  • kregano

    I just hope the subcompact version has IR support for night recording, because it seems like it’d be less than useful without it.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Modern CCD/CMOS cameras are getting really sensitive to ambient light already. Noisy but no one cares.

      A cheap and compact IR illuminator might do nore harm than good for a product like this by creating a hotspot at a short distance and not allowing for the same sensitivity outside of that spot. In other words you might improve capture in the center of the frame at 8 feet but decrease view outside of that.

      It would depend on what you are interested in.

  • Bill

    “In reality, it appears that footage depicting difficult, split-second decisions can create more questions than it answers.”

    Truer words never spoken. Worst thing to hit policing since the liability lawyer.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Worst thing to hit policing since the liability lawyer.


  • Cap’n Mike

    Without a level 3 holster for it to fit in, cops wont (cant) use it.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      If they were smart they would have cloned the outer shape to something Surefire or etc.

  • gunsandrockets

    About time. This is an excellent idea. I have questions about reliability and cost, but I’m mostly surprised this is the first time I have heard of such a product.

    If nothing else, it should be valuable for recording training sessions.

    • CommonSense23

      If you are going to record training sessions it’s better to run dedicated cameras for it. This could be useful for reviewing shooting. But for training purposes you aren’t going to have time to try and deconstruct what was going on from this in a timely manner.

      • Bill

        I use my phone and another guy has some video coaching app on his he uses.

  • Where did you get that figure?

    • Bill

      I want him to cite the number of people that we could legally, morally and ethically shoot, but don’t, because we find some other resolution.

      • DTC99

        If there is some other resolution, would it really be moral or ethical to shoot (even if it is legal)? (simply asking the question. I am not law enforcement, and understand there may be situations I am not thinking of, so interested to hear. I do appreciate what law enforcement does for us, as without you there would be chaos)…

        • Bill

          For example, I’ve had instances where suspects had weapons, delivery systems and intent, a VERY short description of the legal standard for the use of deadly force, but decided to surrender rather than fight it out. Another example would be armed barricaded suspects or hostage takers who surrender after negotiations worked, while a dynamic rescue was being set up.

          • DTC99

            Fair enough, thanks for responding.

  • Edeco

    Perhaps if it raises too many questions now, it’s due to misunderstanding and the public will become more sophisticated users of police footage eventually. Or we can remain excessively torch-and-pitchfork-y, or something in between. All good options. It’s an exciting time 😀

    Anyway, I wonder if this can help me take my bathroom gun selfie game to the next level. Gratata!

    • Wow!

      The public is going to use footage as propaganda anyways. This gives the officer a more factual testamony to what happened for court, which is where it really matters. Same thing like body cameras, this stuff saved a lot of guy’s butts if not by showing that the officer did a proper job, then by exposing the “victim” as a liar.

      • Edeco

        Indeed, I think they should like it. If I thought I had say a 1/100 chance of whipping it out in anger (a gun that is) I’d want one of these. But, well, it’s really an old story with organized labor and monitoring devices, goes back decades. It’s like when the hobbits put a rope on Gollum in Lord of The Rings and he yowls “It burns us, Precious!”

  • Pod

    Think it’s robust enough for rifle use?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I’ll ask. I don’t see why not.

  • Iblis

    Even civilians at home can use something like this. The footage will help them in court. If not, just take the camera off before LE gets there.