Industry Range Day: FN M249S SAW Para Military Collector Edition | SHOT 2017

With more TFBTV coverage of SHOT Show’s Industry Range Day, James checks out the FN USA tent for the scoop on FN’s newest addition to its “Military Collector” line – the FN M249S “Para” version. The Para is similar to the civilian version of the M249S released in 1Q 2016, but varies in that it has a 16″ barrel and FN’s unique Paratrooper-style stock. The M249S Para will have an MSRP just short of $9,000.

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  • UCSPanther

    People will always complain about the price, weight, the fact that it is semi-auto only, etc, etc. You don’t have to buy one if you don’t want it.

    I like the idea of civilian legal semi-auto SMGs and LMGs. They are a good option for anyone who can’t get the originals due to price and/or legislation.

    • Rnasser Rnasser

      Good option? I guess is one step up from a single shot replica, and two steps up from owning a deactivated real MG.

      • UCSPanther

        I would love to own an MP40 and a ZB 26 myself, but I can’t own the real full-auto ones because automatic weapons are prohibited in Canada…

        • Rnasser Rnasser

          I feel your pain, since I live in a south american country where automatic weapons are prohibited as well…
          But as much as I love cool and historic military weapons, I would like to own a fully functional one or simply buy something else.
          A semi auto version of an assault rifle is different, since IMO they are fully functional and practical in semi auto.

          • UCSPanther

            I agree with you on the semi-auto only “assault” rifles. They look cool and can be used for the same applications as “regular” rifles. There are even some cool-looking “hunting” versions of those rifles, such as some AK-based hunting rifles that resemble the SAFN 49 in appearance.

            Semi-auto only SMGs would be nice truck and and quad guns, as well as plinkers. LMGs though, would fall into the conversation piece/curiosity category due to their weight.

  • John

    I somehow think that the target audience for these will be U.S. police departments. Just go and get your own, without all the hassle of obeying federal laws, military acquisition and public scrutiny.

    Besides, it looks intimidating and cool without the need to waste ammo or ruthlessly kill random bystanders.

    • Bill

      You’re an idiot.

      That is all.

  • Bill

    I wonder how many guys who used the real deal will press a round off and immediately start into a malfunction drill when nothing else happens.

    • Wow!

      Or have a heart attack when they charge the rifle and the bolt goes all the way.

  • Bill

    This is the firearms equivalent of a stripper who only takes off her jacket.

    • UWOTM8

      nailed it

    • Steve_7

      So a slidefire is the equivalent of X-ray specs?

      • Bill

        That, or a tranny.?

  • Wow!

    Sorry FN, but you came out with too little too late. Ares belt fed upper is far superior in weight, modularity, and price. If this was priced well say $1000-2000 or less, they would definitely have a market.