Industry Range Day: Early and Modern Firearms (EMF) | SHOT 2017

Early and Modern Firearms (EMF) is a successful reproduction firearm company that specializes in guns common among Wild West historical lore. Specifically the company provides a number of firearms for the reproduction market used within the Single Action Shooting Society, or other Cowboy Action Shooting sports. New for 2017 is the El Camisa Three, filmed with the company’s Deluxe Model. In addition the company is importing the Kronos, a semi-automatic .30-06 design from Pietta in Italy.

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  • The machining on the Kronos’s trigger guard was nice – hard edges, smooth lines. Not too often seen.

  • tiger

    When is somebody going to make a repro Webley?

  • Marcus D.

    EMF has a nice selection of pistols that are otherwise hard to find. I was looking for some new grips when I hit their site for the first time, and bought a Colt 1860 Army (Pietta) for the great price of $200 on sale. I’m a Pietta fan, as their case coloring is better than Ubertis, but it is worth noting that unless you go up market to one of their tuned guns, the actions are kind of rough. (But it is not very hard to fix that.)