Industry Day at the Range: Lancer MPX couplers, MCX Handguard | SHOT 2017

Lancer Systems brought out some particularly relevant products for the Industry Range Day this year, most notably components for the Sig Sauer MPX and MCX. Since Lancer already manufactures MPX magazines, the company answered an RFI from a European Law Enforcement agency to produce magazine couplers that lock into the rear portion of the MPX magazines, forming a sort of “X” shape when viewed from the front/back. Next up is the MCX carbon fiber handguard, with lengths accommodating suppressors, standard 16 inch rifle barrels, and SBR length barrels in the MCX platform.

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Miles V

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  • Jack

    Is my phone messed up? Where’s the pics?

    • CavScout

      It’s an embedded YT vid.

  • mig1nc

    I sort of wished they had flipped the heat vents and MLok slots. I mean they have M-Lok at the bottom 45’s where almost nobody ever mounts anything, and heat vents at the top 45’s where folks often like to mount things.

  • CavScout

    No you can clamp two mags together, which is probably all most people can afford. lol