HK Expands the VP9 with Suppressor-Ready Model |SHOT 2017

In this episode of TFBTV we take a look at the new VP9 tactical model from HK, setup with suppressor height sights and a threaded barrel.

Heckler and Koch USA are also adding a new grey and tan version of the VP9.

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Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • ??

    No suppressor sights, and “a left-hand twist” yea.

    • Justin Roney

      Right…it sure would be nice to have a “standard” 9mm thread instead. And no red dot mounting options? C’mon HK, I know you work at glacial speeds, but…

      • TheUnspoken

        For a second in viewing the video I was excited to see the Heine straight 8 sights as that would have been a change from the vp9 Tactical as released earlier in 2016 with standard meprolight night sights, but that was just their demo gun. Nothing to stop one from upgrading it afterwards, but nicer if it is included.

        As for the threaded barrel, metric 13.5×1 LH is standard for any recent HK 9mm handguns (USP SD/Tactical, P30), just like a Sig 226. Plenty of suppressor pistons in that threading.

        HK’s big releases seem to lately have come mid-summer and fall, so by the time Shot rolls around their latest releases feel like old news. This will be the first time at Shot for Vp9/40 FDE, VP9 Tactical, VP9 Gray, and SP5k, but they have already been announced and hit the market. Not expecting to see any new announcements from them.

  • USMC03Vet

    Very Poor 9 strikes again.

  • Joe Gamer

    Where’s my P30 tactical HK? Make it happen already!