CMC Triggers Corp Teases a GLOCK Trigger

CMC GLOCK Trigger Installed

CMC GLOCK Trigger Installed

CMC Triggers has teased a brand new GLOCK trigger product on their Facebook social media page. The teaser pics of the trigger indicate a flat trigger design with the standard GLOCK-style, inside-the-trigger safety tab. The CMC trigger has a unique 90 degree kick out at the bottom of the trigger designed for “speed and leverage”, according to CMC. CMC has refused to leak the trigger weight numbers, but they claim a marked improvement over the factory GLOCK trigger. The actual trigger part of the CMC GLOCK trigger is obviously machined metal as is the safety tab, as opposed to the stock GLOCK polymer trigger and safety.

The drop-in trigger is in the white, bare metal in the teaser photos but we should expect the standard CMC finishes, and maybe even some of the fancy colors.

CMC claims that the GLOCK triggers will be utilized by “Major LE Departments.”

CMC tell us that they will have the GLOCK trigger’s official debut on Monday for the 10th Annual SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range, so expect full-coverage here shortly.

CMC also stated on the Facebook that the GLOCK Trigger will begin shipping a few weeks after the 2017 SHOT Show. MSRP will be $175.

You can visit CMC Trigger Corps Facebook Page here.



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  • “My maw always said ‘If ‘ya ain’t got nothin’ nice to say, don’t be goin’ on the internet blastin’ about how ugly them triggers are.'”

    I never did listen to maw that much.

  • TimothyT

    It looks like it is designed to cut your finger off.

  • stephen

    Ahhh.. nope.

  • DIR911911 .

    if the terminator was looking for a new trigger

  • mike

    Who cares if law enforcement uses it.

  • Wingbert

    Storm trooper legs

  • sweatmachine

    CMC posted on Instagram that the trigger weight is about 4.5lbs.