Caracal’s MSRs | SHOT 2017


Caracal USA was at the Industry Day at the Range Event in Boulder City, NV. The company had a pair of its modern sporting rifles on hand for demonstrations. The two guns are AR-style rifles and are called the CAR814 A2 and CAR816 A2 respectively. Both are made in the United States.

CAR814 A2

The CAR814 is a DI-style rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO and is designed around NATO standards. It is outfitted with a Magpul MOE handguard with M-LOK attachment points. Up front, the gun has a sight tower, and the company includes a folding rear sight. Also included with this gun is a 2-point QD sling, a cleaning kit and one 30-round magazine.


Shooting the gun was fairly typical for an milspec AR. The trigger was on par with other two stage triggers with what felt like a slightly longer distance to reset. With the iron sights, I could ring iron at 100 yards.

These rifles retail for $1,300 and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

CAR816 A2

The CAR816 is a short stroke piston rifle. Also chambered in 5.56 NATO, this gun is designed for law enforcement and military use. Select fire models are available for government purchasers.

These rifles have a proprietary handguard with M-LOK attachment points. Since it does not have a front sight tower, Caracal includes folding front and rear sights. Also included are a sling, cleaning kit and one magazine.


This gun shot nicely, with a low power optic allowing you to reach out to 200 yards. The trigger felt slightly better than the CAR814, and it felt like it had a shorter reset.

Pricing on this one is $1,850. It is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Richard Johnson

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  • Cuvie

    IIRC these rifles will be produced at the Wilcox Industries facility.

    • mig1nc

      I also read the guys who helped design it had a hand in the HK416 (Robert Hirt) and Chris Sirois (Sig 516/517/MCX).

      This could be a legit gun, but they’ll face headwinds in successfully marketing it.

      • Machinegunnertim

        Yep, they’ll need to bring something real special to the table to justify those prices in the over crowded market we have today. I don’t see these selling well for a number of reasons. I’ll wait until CDNN is blowing them out at below dealer costs.

  • Weaponized_Hotdog

    Whoever set the MSRP for these is living in a fantasy land. You can’t have Caracal’s (current) reputation and price your ‘also ran’ ARs in BCM and DD territory…..

    • Tony E

      Agreed the DI rifle shouldn’t be more than $900 MSRP. Considering Savage and Springfield Armory which also broke into the growing AR-15 market has their offerings in that $900 ballpark.

  • Payce

    Those prices are downright astounding for a relatively new manufacturer breaking into the AR game. I literally stared at the computer open mouthed. They need to go sub-$1k with their basic CAR814 and drop the CAR816 to maybe $1300 until they establish a name in the rifle market in this country. Adams Arms comes in several hundred under that and PWS is just a little more if you’re willing to spend more for quality. I just don’t see someone picking unproven over these.