Caracal Close to Shipping US Made Pistols | SHOT 2017

Caracal Enhanced F 2

Caracal USA was at the Industry Day at the Range event in Boulder City, NV. The event is a good chance for members of the media and other invited guests to see – and shoot – many of the guns that will be introduced at the SHOT Show later in the week.

The company had a pair of new rifles on display, but the gun I was most interested in was the Enhanced F pistol. Fortunately, Caracal had several prototypes of the new Enhanced F on hand for shooting and examination.

Caracal Enhanced F 3

Prior Caracal pistols were recalled for safety reasons, and many people have been eagerly awaiting for the handguns to return to the market.

A company representative said that the new guns will be 100% made in the USA. Currently, the company is perfecting the tooling for several of the small parts that are used in the guns. The prototype guns use small parts imported from the UAE, but export restrictions prevent Caracal USA from importing the small parts in any significant quantity. Once the tooling is done, the guns will start rolling out.

According to a company representative, the Enhanced F pistols use an upgraded trigger bar, trigger shoe and other parts that help prevent any accidental discharges if the guns are dropped.

Caracal Enhanced F

The new guns will offer both traditional sights and the company’s popular Quick-Sights. For models equipped with the Quick-Sights, the company still machines a sight cut into the rear of the slide and includes a low profile ledge for one handed slide manipulation.

Caracal Enhanced F

The representative did not offer a shipping date on the new pistols.

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  • ExMachina1

    The Caracal I had was an amazing shooter. And while the recall kinda rattled my confidence, I have to say that the refund process was smooth for me, resulting in a full refund from Caracal that even covered the fees I paid for the FFL transfer and the background check.

    I’ll probably wait on re-buying but I haven’t ruled them out entirely. The overall ergos of the gun are simply incredible.

    • CA

      It looks like a VERY cool design, and quality too, aside from the recall. The red steel finish is amazing, but I still don’t understand the sights.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        It looks like a VERY cool design, and quality too, aside from the recall.

        I don’t think you can just “aside” from the fact they had to recall every single one.

    • I recall reading about it in 2011? for the first time and really liked the idea of them. Shame they’re going to have to dig out of a really deep hole to get back at it.

    • FWIW

      That was my experience as well. Great shooter, smooth refund process. I would give them another chance since I really did enjoy by C model so much.

      Couple things though–I would not get the Quick Sight model again. It looks neat, but I never achieved noticeably faster shooting despite practicing with it quite a bit. Also, these new models will have to be priced EXTREMELY well now that the Cz P-10 is going to be around to compete with it. We’ll see what happens if/when they ever hit the streets.

  • RSG

    Until it ships, its vapor ware. Perhaps they have working prototypes but no working capital. IMO, they are looking for funding.

  • cwp

    Caracal is rapidly becoming the Desert Tech MDR of the handgun world. Neat idea, looks great, sounds cool in theory, but the seemingly endless delays are just killing interest.

  • john huscio

    Well its made in the US now…..a bit more confidence inspiring than the guns slapped together by the clueless amateurs in the UAE……..trigger dongle looks awful though…..

  • ChrisJ

    Not interested until they re-introduce the compact model.

  • Colonel K

    Having spent a little time in the UAE (as little as possible), I can’t say I’m surprised by all the teething problems associated with this pistol. I’ve been trying to get hold of one ever since they first imported them. I do hope this time they work properly because the design concept is impressive and the firearm looks good (not a common feature of most modern plasticated pistols). Are they actually going to be built here or just assembled here?

    • Kefefs

      The new pistols are going to be made 100% in the US, with US materials. If they ever come out, that is.

  • L Cavendish

    still waiting for a Beretta APX…over 2 years now…

    • Kefefs

      Don’t forget the .40 Nano that the platform was originally designed for, or the .32 Pico conversions. Beretta has a habit of advertising things that never materialize.

  • jonp

    With all of the plastic pistols on the market and damn good ones at that am i missing the total awesomeness that is going to get me to buy this one?