CapArms $500 Titanium Magnum Rifle Suppressor

CapArms 10" Magnum Supressor

CapArms 10" Magnum Supressor

Capital Armament or CapArms is a fairly new company that is mostly known for new and remanufactured ammunition marketed toward the competitive action shooter, but even more recently the veteran-owned, Iowa-based company is quickly becoming known as an Class III manufacturer offering the ever-growing suppressor market an 18 ounce, 300 Winchester Magnum-rated, $500 silencer. Yes, $500.

The CapArms 10″ Magnum Suppressor features a titanium shroud, a titanium monocore baffle, and an included titanium muzzle brake. All this weighs in at 24 ounces. While $500 cans are not new, and 18 ounce cans are relatively easy to find, a quick perusal of my favorite online silencer retailer’s website reveals that there is not another product in this caliber rating range, that offers this combination of light weight and ease on the pocket book.

CapArms website claims a 26 decibel noise reduction minimum for the 10″ Magnum Suppressor, and there are options for the aforementioned muzzle brake/mount or a direct thread models in popular pitches with no price difference. The CapArms 10″ Magnum Suppressor is available in .22, .223, .270 and .30 calibers.

It has been reported that there is a 6″ version, with more aluminum construction, coming in the near future.

Check out the CapArms 10″ Magnum Suppressor here at CapArms website:


CapArms 10″ Magnum suppressor, titanium shroud and monocore

CapArms 10″ Magnum suppressor, titanium shroud and monocore


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  • JumpIf NotZero

    I read the title a couple times and each time my brain inserted the word “combustible”.

    Also… That core :/

  • Frank

    If suppressors become regulated differently with that suppressor act, how cheap are we going to see them?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      It’s not that they’ll get cheaper for the units that exist now. It’s that you’ll see a cheaper class of parts come to life.

      Without regulation, inconel makes no sense. Lifetime designs make little sense. Etc. You’ll see less expensive cans, and they’ll be cheaper too.

  • Lee Attiny

    Thats actually a pretty impressive price considering it costs upwards of $400 just to buy the parts for a titanium F1 suppressor. Not so sure about that core though.