Cameras Mounted On Police Guns

Centinel Systems is developing a camera system that mounts under a handgun like a weapon mounted light. The idea stemmed from the issues of Police body worn cameras. From my own experimentation of wearing a GoPro while shooting, body worn cameras are not that great. Often the chest does not point in the direction you want so you miss crucial information. Weapon mounted cameras work well but the problem is they only look where the weapon is pointed at. So you often see a lot of ground rather than the target down range. The other problem with a weapon mounted camera is that it does not look where your head is looking. Another major problem is that now the officer has sacrificed having a weapon mounted light to ID threats.

However one step at a time. The Centinel Systems camera will solve the problem of the body camera. Where the camera is not pointed at the threat. The camera system is smart and pairs with an app. The camera is designed to start recording as soon as the weapon is drawn from the holster. Since the camera is paired to a phone via an app, the app will alert the station where the officer’s location is. There is a small issue though with the auto recording feature. It only records once the gun is unholstered. So it wouldn’t be able to record the actual event that caused you to draw in the first place. I could see this as an auxiliary device that supplements the body camera.

Nicholas C

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  • NukeItFromOrbit

    It’s an interesting idea but having a flashlight there instead is certainly far more useful for the typical police officer.

  • TwoZero

    No Reason the camera end couldn’t be surrounded with mini LED lights.

    • noob

      As tech improves and cameras get smaller and higher resolution we should get spherical 360 degree footage (youtube compatible!) from cameras on the officer’s uniform/headwear and a gun camera picture for when the front facing body cameras are obscured by the officer’s hands and weapon. When this footage is considered together it could exonerate an officer who for budget reasons may have been patrolling alone.

      Actually I recently bought a dash camera to document my side of the story as a private individual for insurance purposes. I’ve already collected footage of animals and drunk people standing in the middle of country roads at night on a blind bend – i managed to swerve each time so far in my driving career but if i ever hit them i want the footage and gps data so i can show that i was under the speed limit and doing the right things.

  • Mazryonh

    This reminds me of the cameras that could directly mount to Tasers once. Now Taser International is instead a major proponent of body cameras for LEOs.

  • Nicks87

    What about filming the subjects actions prior to drawing your weapon? Usually that’s what justifies the use of deadly force. In my experience the sun/safety glasses with a camera built in work best for law enforcement applications. That way people can basically see what’s happening through the “eyes” of the officer.

    • Sticky-eye Rivers

      Why not have two cameras? Body-cam + Gun-cam

  • Joe Gamer

    Body camera’s seem like a better option IMO, you just clip it on vs having a cumbersome weapon attachment, proprietary holsters, etc

  • Sunshine_Shooter

    Like the Viridian FACT light/camera featured on TFB yeasterday?

  • Tim Ellwood

    I had a company back 8 years ago that tried this, The Advanced Tactical Camera. I had seen cases were a video from the “guns” point of view would have ended long drawn out court cases (one way or the other) and thought it would be accepted with welcoming arms. I found out I was very wrong. I did the LE/Mil/Firearms show circuit, and found in most cases, that it is a unwanted item. I can tell many stories of being cussed out at trade shows by feds and locals for even trying to sell this idea. It was very surprising to me the anger that it generated. I wish this company and the others showing at SHOT the same concept better luck than I had. Maybe the time has come for it and it will be accepted better now. I hope so for their sake.

  • .45

    Not likely to get adopted anytime soon where I am in the middle of nowhere. Expensive cameras? For every officer and their gun? Yeah, no, that’ll ruin the town’s Christmas decorations budget. Priorities here, people.

    Besides, my impression is that cops do not want the cameras anyway…