Beretta’s Newest Shotguns At Range Day | SHOT 2017

Beretta brought out their latest shotguns to SHOT Show Range Day. The first shotgun that caught my eye was the new XCEL400 Black. Due to customer feedback, they are now offering the XCEL400 in black anodizing rather than blue anodizing. It comes with a 30″ barrel with extended black edition Optima HP chokes. On top, the barrel has a carbon fiber rib. The stock will come with the kick off limb saver and is Gun Pod ready. Most interesting was the oversized controls that you see on Beretta’s Tactical 1301 on the XCEL400 Black. Such as the over sized charging handle and bolt release. The XCEL400 Black will retail for $2200.

DSC_0038 DSC_0037

Beretta’s new A400 Lite is a 20ga shotgun.It has a mini Kickoff Plus system and the new Gunpod 2. It comes in camo.

It is the shotgun in the middle.


Keeping in line with the XCEL400 Black, Beretta brought out their DT11 Black, but this time they have it at the range for people to test fire it.


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  • Wiley M. Rutledge

    Pretty much a throw away if you’re not up on Beretta nomenclature. One appears to be a semi-auto and another a 20 gauge but what? BTW which is the center gun in a pic with 6 guns? Are we to assume the o/u in the last pic is the DT11?
    I’m usually a fan of the firearm blog but imho you dropped the ball in this post.

  • L Cavendish

    APX pistol was shown 2 years ago…still not available in the USA…will these be available sooner? LOL