[SHOT ’17] Beretta Acquires Victrix Armaments

Italian rifle maker Victrix Armaments has announced that they have been acquired by Beretta Fabbrica D’Armi in a move to bring Italian-made precision rifles to the Beretta line up. Honestly, I can’t remember researching Victrix Armaments in the past, so I’m going to call on our Eurozone readers to chime in down in the comments section with some additional real-world information.

Victrix produces three lines of rifles: The Minerva line focused on the tactical shooter. The Victoria line focused on the sport/target shooter. And the Lunae line focused on equipping hunters.

I will be visiting the Beretta USA booth this week at the 2017 SHOT Show for a closer look at the Victrix lineup and some more detailed pictures. Until then, here’s a look at some of their offerings.




As with all our precision rifles, the Minerva tactical series are based around our tried and tested three locking lug action, availbale in two lenghts to accomodate most commonly used cartridges. The intelligent design of the FMRC (Fully Modular Rifle Chassis) means the rifle can be fully customised to adapt to and to suit particular needs, with safety in mind and accuracy and repeatability guaranteed. We also manufacture an extensive range of accessories for the Minerva Series, all of which can easily be retro-fitted.



The Victoria sport series is our introduction into the target shooting arena. Our signature series of rifles is a collaboration between our design specialists and engineers. We have listened to and worked closely with the top European shooters to develop this series of signature rifles. The heart of this rifle is based around our tried and tested three locking lug action married to Benchmark match grade barrel. Unlike other manufaturers, the barrelled action is then fully pillar bedded in an epoxy resin to one of our laminate or solid wood stocks, with one of our proprietary finishes.






The stock of the Lunae series is entirely manufactured in-house and made of attentively selected walnut wood superior grade with inserts in rosewood which enhances the attention to detail. Engraving on the grip and on the forend allows a more reliable handle for easy maneuvering also under bad weather conditions. The wood undergoes rigorous seasoning process so that it becomes weather-resistant and durable ready for a long-lasting rifle that you can take everywhere over time.

From the Facebook Announcement:

Following the official ad online and on social networks, I would like to highlight the details concerning the acquisition of the brand Victrix Armaments by Beretta Fabbrica d’Armi.

Beretta Fabbrica D’Armi is now the brand owner of Victrix Armaments, while Rottigni Officina Meccanica, where I still remain the CEO, has the exclusive production of the rifles branded Victrix Armaments for Beretta with the same production methods and with the same care and attention they have always put.
Beretta is taking care of their marketing through its widespread distribution network across all five continents.

Within this transaction, I have accepted the Beretta proposal to take up a post as Senior Product Manager for long rifled barrel firearms. Additionally, I have been given the task to build up a Gun service, like the one that Beretta has for years for shotguns and clay shooting, designed especially to support those passionate about precision shooting looking for an exclusive high-quality product.

For those interested, please send an e-mail directly to the following email address:

I’m sure that the new synergy with Beretta can strengthen and improve the service provided up to now and the Gun service for long firearms with rifled barrels, that is opening within few months, will be the reference point for precision shooting lovers.

A great thanks to all who have believed in the success of such a project from the very beginning!

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Victrix Armaments on Facebook 


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  • Lou

    “Italian rifle maker Victrix Armaments has announced that they have been acquired by Beretta Fabbrica D’Armi in a move to bring precision rifles to the Beretta line up.”

    “…in a move to bring precision rifles to the Beretta line up.” Did the author not know that Beretta owns SAKO?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I’ll rephrase and clarify. It was a line I grabbed from the Italian press release. Thanks for the catch.

      • Lou

        (Thumbs up)

  • Rusty S.

    While on the surface it may seem unnecessary given that they already own Tikka and Sako, more than likely this was driven from the smaller company wanting access to Beretta’s marketing and distribution network, and Beretta wanting to have Italian-made precision rifles and precision rifle gunsmithing services as part of their portfolio.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Thanks Rusty.

  • iksnilol

    What in the… I say, what in the mall ninja clustercluck is that first thing?

    • QuadGMoto

      It looks like the only differences between the first two rifles is the barrel length and the carrying handle on the bottom of the first one.

      • iksnilol

        Still, all those rails and shiznit and that handle.

        It’s all sooo tactikewl in my eyes.

        • PK

          Yo dawg, we saw you liked to attach scopes so we put rails on your scope so you can attach scopes while you attach scopes.

          That goofiness aside, I’m digging the look.

          • iksnilol

            I see the point of it (attaching night vision adapters/monoculars) but I just find the entire package looks goofy.

          • Keiichi

            The scope mount is from Spuhr… I have one – don’t use any of the rail attachments… yet ;^) – pricey, but it’s easily the best scope mount I’ve used or even seen. Five minutes to mount and true the scope using the included and built-in wedge/slot system, in a fairly tidy package which doesn’t obscure the scope turrets and includes a conveniently placed integrated bubble level (which, btw, is much more useful for casual shooting and practice than I thought it would be…).

            Does Beretta own Spuhr too, or is that a licensed part?

          • lone gunman

            well if you don’t know Beretta also owns Steiner and Burris so they have pretty good chunk of the market covered.

  • Rocky

    It looks like standard Beretta MO to me. When they spot competitors, either they buy them or they destroy them – or, in some cases, both. Guess that’s just how business is made out there.

  • Edeco

    Always neat to see a factory heavy BR rifle. Don’t compete at that mysellf, couldn’t work one in to my life as a toy, but like land-speed-racing cars I love looking at them.