[SHOT ’17] Avidity Arms PD10 Pistol Debut

In the never ending journey to unseat the king of polymer pistols (be that from Austrian or Massachusetts lineage depending on your allegiance), up and coming manufacturers are rolling out guns that promise all of the features we like, and none of the ones we don’t. Avidity Arms is entering the race with a hopeful contender – the PD10 – a polymer framed, single stack defensive pistol. Set to unveil at SHOT 2017, consumers are just a few days away from a new option in the striker-fired pistol market.

With the array of current defensive guns available, the PD10 and other pistols hoping to take a bite out of the market share, need to bring features and specifications that consumers have been asking for and have not received. Designer Rob Pincus thinks he as done so, offering up a single-stack pistol the a sub $500 MSRP.

As Avidity will be revealing the PD10 at SHOT in a few days, I expect to see the 3D printed manufacturing marks to disappear and the grip pattern to get sharper as the production guns roll out.

What is it going to take to bump Glock and M&P from the top of the polymer hill? If I knew the answer to that question I wouldn’t be peddling my words to you all. I’d be bringing my own gun to market.



    for original owner
    for positive manipulations
    features concave leading edge for one hand reloads and malfunction response
    to accommodate a wide variety of hand sizes
    for positive consistent positioning of the trigger finger
    providing visual and tactile condition of the chamber







PD10 Specifications:

  • Caliber – 9MM
  • Action – Striker DAO
  • Capacity – 10+1
  • Barrel Length – 4 inches
  • Front Sight – Ameriglo Luma Glow
  • Rear Sight – I.C.E. Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight
  • Finishes – Black Nitride
  • Grips – Integral to Frame
  • Construction – High impact Polymer/Stainless Steel Slide
  • Safety – Trigger
  • Weight – 18.8oz
  • Length – 6.94 inches
  • Height – 5.14 inches
  • Width – 1.0 inches
  • MSRP – $499

Avidity Press Release:

Wanamassa, N.J. (January 2017) – Eagle Imports, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Metro Arms, SPS, Bersa®, Comanche, Grand Power, Llama and Avidity Arms firearms products, is pleased to announce the debut of the Avidity Arms PD10 at booth #2610 at the SHOT Show 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Designed by renowned defensive shooting instructor, Rob Pincus, this Made-in-America pistol offers a high capacity, slim, single stack, lightweight, striker-fired pistol with concave sights that can be used for one-handed reloads. It’s ideal for concealed carry and personal defense and retails at a price that’s easy on the wallet.

“I’ve taught defensive shooting skills to many thousands of people over the past couple of decades. When it comes to defensive handguns, I’ve seen what works and seen what doesn’t. I’ve talked about preferences, priorities and problems with students, peer instructors and firearms industry professionals for immeasurable hours. There’s a list of features that in my experience are ideal for a defensive pistol and there are some variables that adjust to fit specific people, roles and conditions,” said Rob Pincus, owner of I.C.E. Training Company. “There is no one perfect gun for every person and every scenario, but I know it is possible to design and manufacture a pistol that fits as many people as possible and will serve them well in worst case scenarios. The PD10 is that pistol, especially for those interested in a full-size handgun feel while shooting, but with the carryability of a single stack design. I didn’t see anything on the market that had all the features of the PD10 in a modern firearm. If you’re interested in armed personal defense, we built the PD10 for you.”

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  • Jack Morris

    If any of these new gun companies can produce a high quality 9mm that fits my hands the way the Walther p22 does; I’ll give them all my money. Any new players to the market are welcome. Half the population (women) and plenty of men have small hands. Bring on the single stack 9’s!!!

    • Frank

      That hand size thing is overblown as hell. I have small hands and don’t have problems shooting a Beretta 92.

      • Jack Morris

        I don’t have trouble shooting a 92 slowly, but in rapid fire, I couldn’t keep a solid grip and later sold my Vertec for this reason. I have yet to find a pistol in a cartridge better than 380 which affords me a proper grip. I always have to hold the pistol crooked to reach the trigger, as referenced in the picture. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8fb363c9e0222e6b60db9e1f643297bb13b842b407fe03928782690bf01efd77.jpg

        • gunsandrockets

          Well, there’s always the 1911 option…

          • Jack Morris

            I wish. My Springfield “Loaded” is still a tad too large. The Browning 1911-380 is perfect, but it’s not the ideal defense cartridge.

          • Bill

            Of course I’m going to say try a different holster.

            The baby Browning would make a wicked cool 6 round 9mm.

          • gunsandrockets

            9mm is over rated. In my opinion all the small auto-pistol cartridges are for all practical defensive purposes, tactically identical.

            Sounds to me like you already have your ideal pistol with the 1911-380.

          • Bill

            The only think that fits my hand better than a 1911 is a B-cup boob.

        • Bill

          Excellent photo, may be stealing it for training purposes, so I don’t have to constantly exhibit the might python that is my forearm, causing all the females to swoon.

          • Jack Morris

            Lol, I can’t take credit for it. Pulled it off Google by searching “proper grip alignment”

      • Grip width is less important than grip shape, trigger reach, how high the hand rests, etc. when it comes to proper fit.

    • gunsandrockets

      Have you tried the PK380? If so, what is your opinion of it?

      • Jack Morris

        I have stayed away from the PK380 ever since the slide on my P22 cracked in half. Both pistols are manufactured by Umarex and licensed by Walther. They make junk. I wish they were nicer, as the ergonomics are perfect.
        I recently handled a Browning 1911-380. It was absolutely PERFECT for my hands at only 80% the scale of a normal 1911. I still don’t like the idea of relying on a 380, but I still haven’t found a 9mm small enough. Oh well. Modern ammunition in 380acp is pretty good.

        • gunsandrockets

          Sorry to hear about your P22.

          Other than outward shape, there isn’t much in common between a P22 and PK380. Perhaps the PK380 is junk, but it must have a steel slide and all steel barrel (unlike the P22), considering it is a short recoil operated, tilting barrel lock, .380 caliber.

  • R H

    Looks like the Steyr M9 is gonna be taking an XDs in for a paternity test…looking forward to that episode of Maury!

    • ExMachina1

      more like taking in a Shield

  • it’s just Boris

    Now if they would release it in a real caliber, I might be interested.

    • Red McCloud

      9mm isn’t a ‘real caliber’?

      I, I… okay?

      • Reazione Catena

        It is amazing how much the 9×19 has grown in the last 25 years!!!

      • andrey kireev

        clearly from the camp of “if it’s not a .45 or bigger… it’s pretty much .22LR”

    • DoucheDestroyer

      If you actually knew what you were saying, we might be interested in what you had to say.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      It has to end in ACP right?

      Im sorry 9mm is too much for you and .380 is all you can handle.

  • Gary Foster

    unrefined pistol that will be left in the dust by CZ and others. Just putting a gun trainers name on the shingle will not be enough. Maybe catch on is capacity restricted states where the magic trainer lives.

    • ExMachina1

      Bah. It’s more refined than most of the Glock copy-cats out there. It’s actually trying to be a from-the-ground-up carry gun instead of a paired down duty pistols that so many people try to carry.

      Single stacks are more concealable/comfortable and they are necessarily lighter (so are more likely to actually BE carried). Not sure it’s going to best the M&P Shield, but implying that it’s competing against all the other double stackers out there (like the CZ) is missing the point entirely.

      • R H

        Not necessarily! For most people, the height of the pistol is what determines concealability (all other things being equal). This pistol actually comes in 0.14″ TALLER than a Glock 19 and roughly 1″ taller than the 10 round capacity Glock 26. So the height of this is actually comparable to the CZ P10C. Width and weight have a lot to do with comfort, but the difference between this and a Glock 19/26 is 0.18″. Sure it weighs in 3oz lighter than a Glock 26, but that isn’t a huge deal. By comparison, the pistol is just as easily compared to the double stacks as it is the Shield or the XDS. I’m not saying it won’t have a niche, I’m just saying it doesn’t fit perfectly into the ones filled by the Shield or the Glock19/CZ P10c.

  • diana pierce

    Looks alone ? … This is very nicely designed. Good eye & ergo appeal. Function? Who knows… til then.

  • john huscio

    Full size single stacks….. about as appealing to me as wearing a parka in July……

    • Nick

      Honestly in a polymer wonder-nine it’ll probably be at the absolute least a decent shooter. For carry it might not be too bad with the longer barrel/sight radius of a full size without the width. If it functions as it should it would be a better alternative to the full size single stack steel frame Sig’s and S&W’s for carry (not that many people actually carry them anymore).

    • ExMachina1

      Betcha a compact is in the plans. The M&P Shield has been quite popular so they’d be fools not to.

      • Aono

        CMC doesn’t make an officer sized magazine, but if this sells I’m sure Rob would convince the to.

        If you subtract two 9mm base widths from the height of this, it ends up shorter in height than the Shield. So you’re right, they would be fools not to.

        • ExMachina1

          Right. And I even doubt there’s anything about this gun that limits it to CMC mags (CMC mags are just well regarded). Wilson currently makes a compact/officers 9mm magazine that holds 9 rounds.

          • Aono

            The kicker is that an “officer” “PD8” would need to ship with a magazine that is certified reliable out of the box. I can’t recall exactly but I remember a video with Rob where he said that CMC’s mag reliability was what made this possible at all. They could always certify additional or different brands but that would likely be a hard prerequisite to releasing a smaller pistol, that would also likely drop an inch of weight from the barrel and slide, making it even more difficult to run reliably. I’ll sure be watching how this develops.

          • ExMachina1

            I would honestly have a hard time not picking up a compact version of this. The only thing that (might) save my wallet would be if they mirrored the Shield’s 3″ bbl. The sweet spot for a carry gun IMO is a compact grip with a still decently long bbl.

          • mig1nc

            They have a hard lock on the single stack Glock 19 market, with Kahr being a notable competitor. But to go into the single stack Glock 26 size they really would be competing in a very crowded space. The Walther PPS, Springfield XDs, Karh, Shield, Glock 43, etc…

          • Aono

            Good point, but EM1 may have shown one additional way to differentiate (after full size single stack) is to keep the full length slide and chop the grip. Offer pinky shelf inserts for 10 round mag compatibility. Keep the rail. For typical IWB carry this would be ideal, but shorter is useful for AIWB. In that case they could chop the front to 42 length, lose the rail but make the frame and trigger guard compatible with 42/43 lights. Just spitballing..

          • mig1nc

            Aono, that sounds like a winner to me.

          • ExMachina1

            Sure. The only advantage Avidity would have going feet first into the Shield swimming hole, would be that their platform can take any 9mm 1911 mag–that’s a nice bit of non-proprietary versatility right there.

            But I’d still love to see a 4″bbl with a compact grip. That sucker would carry/conceal well on a belt rig and would point/shoot like a dream.

          • Rob Pincus

            That is in the plans…

          • Ryobiwankenobi

            As the owner of a Glock 43 I would gladly go for a small pocket single stack gun that already had reliable 10 shot magazines as an option.

    • gunsandrockets

      7×5 inches = full size?


  • Aono

    Built around 9mm CMC 1911 magazines. Smart.

    Does “Striker DAO” indicate restrike capability? I of course doubt it but can’t hurt to ask.

    These attempted upstart companies like Honor Defense and this one really need to get over the slide billboards and let the pistols, which are attractive, speak for themselves. You know who said “I wish Hudson had put their name in all caps outline font across the entire height of the slide!”

    Yeah. No one. Take a clue from RIA and lose the billboard. Seriously.

  • Joe

    Looking forward to it. Thanks to Hillary’s loss I can concentrate on what fits my hand, not that which could be banned.

  • Freedoooom

    They obviously aren’t aiming for government contracts with the Holy Trinity design on them, or they just made it needlessly more expensive to get government contracts…

    • Rob Pincus

      The Triquetra is my company logo… I.C.E Training. It’s about as secular as you can get.

  • This gun interests me.

  • Bill

    I really want this to be a success.

    • Rob Pincus

      Me too!

  • James Swan

    A man comes up with a pretty decent looking gun and is trying to make it reliable and easy to carry at a good price and all I read are comments from the typical Internet gun experts who contribute nothing but negative comments and back handed comments. Maybe if the Internet experts got off their couch and created the firearm they wanted then maybe the experts would be happy. So sad to see the constant complain about every new gun that comes out. It has not even gone on sale yet the “experts”still complain. I never thought I would see the day that our community would not want to see a gun company do well. Too many liberals I guess in the gun community now.

    • Badwolf

      Welcome James! You must be new to the Internet 🙂

      • James Swan

        Not new,just getting burned out I guess. Maybe I just need thicker skin in my older years.

        • Action45

          My opinion is that this is nothing more than a rebranded Bersa BP9CC…they look VERY similar aside from a few minor changes. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad gun, just not necessarily groundbreaking.

          • Bill

            It doesn’t need to be groundbreaking, just the right combination of attributes and synergy.

          • Sunshine_Shooter

            I can assure you, that cannot be further from the truth.

    • Dan

      Funny how all these people who have never handled the gun, try to tell everyone how bad it sucks. Our community doesn’t want anything new. We want it to be a glock without being a glock. We want AKs and ARs but without them being Aks and ARs. I would absolutely ignore the community and just pump out the same guns over and over decade after decade because I know people will buy them.

      • Bill

        We gossip and complain like old ladies at bingo night.

        • James Swan

          Could not have said it better. You are so correct

    • Bill

      I’m liberal, and I want this thing to succeed like blueberry pancakes.

    • Rob Pincus

      Thanks for your thoughts, James… I guess I’m so jaded after 20+ years in the industry that I don’t expect it to be very different. The good news is that dozens of people shot the gun today at SHOT Show and the feedback from THEM was very positive.

      • James Swan

        You are welcome Rob and I do look forward to purchasing one once they hit the metro Detroit area. I wish you much success.

  • Action45

    Looks ALOT like a rebranded Bersa to me…but what do I know.

  • I’m really excited for this pistol. It’s a shame Glock never made a thinner, single stack 19.

  • tsh77769

    I’m very interested in this gun. Very. Even for concealment, I don’t care too much about the length of the slide or the length of the grip. I care most about the thickness or width of the gun, both overall and especially the slide. A longer barrel or grip can be dealt with by methods such as IWB, SOB, Vertical shoulder, and cross draw rigs, but fat is still fat no matter what (and less comfortable in IWB or SOB modes).

  • Hoplopfheil

    With a metallic crash, the PD10 appeared,
    I’m sorry, but the plot here it gets kind of weird.
    -Black Beard’s Treasure

    Yet another gun with a name that was preemptively ruined by pop-culture!

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one! It appears to be ready out of the box gun. The only thing I don’t like is the cost of good 9mm 1911 magazines. Due to it’s 10rd capacity I’ll have to have a minimum of 10 magazines for course and more for my buffer zone. That brings the cost way up.

    I really like the sights it comes with and the format. I carry my 43 with extended magazines so length isn’t a big issue with concealment with width can be and this should serve a great place in my lineup.

  • Mark Horning

    It looks not horrible.

    No trigger dongly = good.
    1911 mags = double good

    Not a fan of the hump on the back, and DAO striker means an absolutely terrible trigger, and of course it also simply has to have a silly rail on it, at least this one isn’t full length.

  • Edeco

    Well, I’d rather a Kahr TP9 in this niche.

    Don’t like that trainer getting attention, he let Cenk Uygar philosophically bat him around like a cat-toy and apparently liked it.

  • larry

    Nite sights are a must front and rear for a carry firearm.

  • reasonable price, good looks, single stack slim, no moronic recurve trigger guard, I’m glad someone finally figured out the gun for a CCW after the public has been screaming for one since Florida started the modern day restoration of shall issue CCW rights in 1987. Damn it only took 30 years! We got men on the moon in less time!

  • robert57Q

    I’m not sure if I will find a place for this among the carry choices I already have, but I certainly like the thought that went into it. It looks like a great combination of features, a low bore axis and the slim, full-length grip is a reasonable compromise between capacity, ergonomics and ease of carry. Not perfect for everyone, though I think it will be ideal for many.

  • Jr Dirty

    Looks like a perfect carry gun. Similar to that single stack striker 9mm Bersa, but not a Bersa. Congrats to Pincus for having the cojones to pony up getting this into production.